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We all need to give serious thought to alternate modes of transport, travel and commutation as we're facing a lot of issues related with health, energy, physical space and environment. Although most of us are drawn to or prefer fuel-powered vehicles, human-powered transport is still relevant, reliable and more important in today's world which is running out of fossil fuel. Luckily, our ancestors invented a greatest yet simplest machine to solve many issues - a bicycle.

Despite of traditional assumptions, biases, reservations and (false) 'social status' centered mindset, almost everybody of us would love to ride bicycle irrespective of age, gender, social background and occupation. Hence we shouldn't divert ourselves from enjoying bicycle rides by thinking like "What others would think about me?". Perhaps, most of us might be finding solid and factual reasons to respect and accept cycling. I sincerely think that I can help you best in same.

Being a regular commuter, mountain biker, long distance rider and bicycling promoter (; I would personally recommend both bicycles and bicycling for following reasons:

1) As it's a strong need of present world, bicycling is a non-polluting activity. Production, repairing and maintenance of bicycles gives comparatively lesser load on space, people, energy, infrastructure,  resources and environment.

2) Bicycles are light in weight and less complex in design so a rider might incur less severe injuries as compared to what it might get while driving or handling motor-cycles and cars. Bicycling is a lighter kind of transport.

3) With gear mechanism, people from various age groups can pedal without much efforts and fatigue. Today's bicycles and bicyclists can easily compete with an average speed of an ordinary fuel-powered vehicle.

4) Being smaller in length and width, both bicycles and their riders consume less physical space. This helps in reducing traffic jams and clutters. One can easily pick and carry a bicycle on its shoulders too.

5) Sun-light, cold and rain tempts a person to choose a motorcycle or (air-conditioned) car over a bicycle. With special accessories and clothing, a person can pedal in such conditions without trouble.

6) Bicycles not only emit anything but also keep their riders healthy and kicking. Bicycling is the kind of physical activity which can be done almost throughout life. Bicycling is freedom, fun and also being good by heart.

7) The amount of flexibility bicycling or bicycles can offer is greater as compared to any other mean of travel, transport and commutation. All sorts of bicycles are available in market today.

8) Only when a person starts riding bicycles, it thinks about gaining and retaining level of energy or endurance which is required for pedaling over hours. Fuel-driven vehicles make us lazy and weak.

9) Unlike bulky cars and motorcycles, bicycles allow us to explore any solid surface and terrain not just on earth but on any habitable planet because of its basic operability.

10) Once choosing bicycles over fuel-driven vehicles, a person starts to think, speak, practice and preach about Eco-friendliness. Bicycling takes a person very closer to Mother Nature and outdoor scenes.

11) Being a non-impact physical activity, riding bicycles can be as easy as walking without injuries to and pressure on joints. One go to office/market daily on bicycle.

12) Recycling of old and discarded bicycles is very easy and can be done very quickly. It's one of the simplest machines man has ever created on earth.

13) Being very easy in functioning and handing, bicycling doesn't need any special training - at least for daily commutation and short distance rides.

14) Almost everybody of us has used bicycles in its early childhood so there shouldn't be any problem to continue doing so for rest of our lives.

15) Formulations or concept like bicycle-fit is at core of performance bicycling. We don't consider same with fuel-driven vehicles.

16) No special exercise is required if a person rides a bicycle only for 30 minutes a day. Bicycling is very easy for both men and women.

17) Any government doesn't need to invest in, create or provide heavy infrastructures for both bicycles and bicyclists.

18) No special traffic rules are required to be created for or to be followed by bicyclists as they are part of traffic.

19) Unlike a fuel-driven vehicle, a mid-sized bicycle can be used by almost every member of a family.

20) (Last but not the least) Bicycling takes us back to our childhood and school days.

Not just bicycle but tricycle, tandem bicycle, trailer bicycle, quadra-cycle, recumbent bicycle or any kind of vehicle which runs only by paddling i. e. human-powered vehicle is surely good for health, society and environment.

Check this clip in which people of all age groups pedaling voluntarily in Netherlands. It's not surprise that Netherlands is one of the best bicycle friendly and also less polluted countries in the world.

Please refer this survey (link: to your non-cycling friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors and social groups. Do share its link in various social media pages, chats and groups. Results of survey would be quite helpful to make our cities better, greener and pollution-free as much as possible.

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Comment by Himanshu Vora on February 11, 2015 at 6:33pm

You said it sir.

Comment by Sachchidanand Swami on February 11, 2015 at 6:19pm

Level of air and sound pollution in cities is creating lat of issues which we're ignoring but getting affected from in one or other way. Indians should give up their laziness, sweat-hatred and social status frenziedness and choose bicycling for personal commutation.

Comment by kedar k.jambhekar on December 16, 2014 at 10:20pm

sir,you have provided thought provoking info.i appreciate the effort.thanks a lot .yours-kedar k jambhekar ,indore (M.P)

Comment by Lijo George on October 28, 2014 at 11:34am

why i ride a bike is because I wanted to and for the love of cycling . Many will say the eco-friendy, great example among people , but the truth is that i love cycling so much that i could"t live without it.

Though for most of us our first ride is a bicycle, we kept it aside as we grow up .But it whenever I ride a bike I fell like much younger as I was a kid and the pleasure of riding cannot be described in words. 


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