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The facts are at core of Kolkata Cyclothon---

No. 1> It was not easy and even till now , to think to host such sporting event around this vicinity of eastern India and in Kolkata, cyclothon of this stature by this city is first time. This is very famous for City of Joy & Culture. So to go for this sport is a challenge by itself. But we are very happy to get many people thankfully coming forward to make it possible.

No. 2> KC(Kolkata Cyclothon) is not only an event to us, it is like a dream towards a long journey for this sport and its overall development from social aspects as well as to establish Cycling Sports & event-a commercially viable product of branding/promotion towards the corporate and then we will be able to create a space for this sport to grow in bigger span means National & International aspects. And to make it , we need to think how we can create a strong FAN BASE of this sport when common people can take big interest to see on ground or TV when our national players performing in national or international arena and National media can find its feasibility to give wide spread coverage.

By this single event it may not change a big but we can at least try to start, so we have change the concept a bit and incorporate SPRINT RACE to give the people a feel of excitement hidden in this sport. We are in process to bring some other features in it too and also looking forward to know some concepts from you if can possible to do within limited resources. Please feel free to share us. We will try our best to incorporate that if permissible within our limit.

No. 3> Cycling is one of the very costly sport in regards of its accessories and preparation and to get success in international arena, its just beyond many people imagination even. And those who take up this sport for their mission in life to perform for nation unfortunately in major case they come from low income group community & struggle a lot from food to practice area & accessibility to the needs. In many case even being talented couldn’t continue. Though federation is trying their best within stipulated resources but to it needs more to do. But in this crisis one most aspiring fact is due to people’s growing consciousness for Health-Fitness & Eco-friendly mode of transportation, Cycling as a medium has already been hugely popularized and sharply growing around the nation, which in other way it means Cycling has been taken to centre table of talk in all society. Now it needs to propel its popularity from social point to sports arena and as much as we can turn this likeness to sports track, Indian Cycling will not stand far away to become one of the popular sport in India and in this course we need to nurture few talents to equip them properly for best performance to win few International success.

By reliable source we have come to know that few such enthusiastic amateur cyclist are aiming to perform in International arena like TDF or so. We appreciate them for this endeavour and we are always with them if any way they feel we can. Apart from their day to day need & regular lifestyle they are on their way trying to make our nation proud even not being registered national cyclist. It means youth from their heart have started to think differently and decide to take this sport from amateur to serious level as their passion to mission. This is very inspiring for Cycling community & sports too.

No. 4> We are always ready to learn and wish to associate good minded sports loving people to build up a strong team to push through the problems and a force to instigate the momentum for development of sports, not only cycling but other sports too where it needs social support and other way of assistance too. We from ourselves have made a target for next 15 years to work for this mission- "Mission 2030" and we believe, may be three/four people are not sufficient enough to take off this heavy load but soon it will be a team and a team can do it.

Thus, it is what we appeal to all of you, don't think that you are only a participant but you are one way very valuable who can make a big difference to build its growth and a crucial member of our team towards that mission. One success here will help to open next door and same way next success for next another step.
So, friends, time comes to prove and we altogether will prove it.

Notice the year carefully and start to believe anything is possible if there is a will- 2016-2020-2024-2028 >three Olympics till 2030.

We are on the way and will wait for you all to join whatever way you can to bring a BLUE REVOLUTION for Indian Sports by 2030- as a Global Super Power Sports Nation.

Now, a question to enlighten about a fact--- How many of us know who is Deborah Herold..? an Indian , WORLD NO 4, come after a big struggle, proposed for Arjuna Awardee, Strong contender in International Arena to win Medal for India in 2016 Olympics.....If you know this personality then you are proud to be an Indian and if not then also you can be proud to know about it and be a person to see DH to perform next time but due to lack of publicity and not discussed much in social media, this kind of personality is still unknown to more than 80% Indian ( if not wrong). We all can be a medium to pick up the spirit to make such people hero to all of us by our own way to spread the facts of inspiration to others and our next generation. We as a team for nation have to rise up and take some little steps to share good stories sake of national interest in larger scale and if possible at every possible medium we can access and able to access.

If you want you can find some details at KC facebook page- kolkatacyclothon and also you can go to the link-

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