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Tour de Mumbai... Western suburbs... by moonlight...

Friday night, 24 April 2010, Inorbit Mall, Malad West... Shoppers, commuters, passersby... were all quite intrigued by the steadily growing group of cyclists assembling at the corner next to Inorbit Mall... :-)

We waited as people landed up from across the city... Oshiwara... Andheri... Santacruz... South Mumbai... Mulund... 4 people came from Mira Road... Old friends caught up... new friends were made... At 10.00pm, 17 people started from Inorbit… the initial stretch upto Malad was pathetic, because of the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Link Road (that’s why we used to start all our earlier night rides closer to midnight!)

Birthday boy Vikram had mo'biked straight from work and promised to join us in Borivli after picking up his cycle from home… but met up with us in Kandivli itself… Manu and Jaydeep from Nerul joined us in Borivli… 20 people riding together… in a tight bunch… people kept slowing down their cars and bikes to ask us what was going on…

Riding in Borivli was fun… Vikram took us all on a merry ride up and down nice little slopes… with everyone taking things at their own pace, the gang very naturally split up… and pretty soon, there were three

groups, two of which were kinda lost, but still had a lot of fun riding around on their own for a bit… :-)

We regrouped after a bit… guided individual “lost sheep” back into the flock… After bidding adieu to the Mira Road and Borivli folks, the rest of us continued towards Link Road… We picked up Mehul from the Cafe Coffee Day along the way… then went to Inorbit Mall, where Shammi, Vishal and 3 others were waiting for us…

The gang rode on towards Juhu, bidding goodbye to Annie and Amar at Versova… The ride officially ended around 2.00am at Juhu Chowpatty, outside Ramada…

Some of us were feeling a bit hungry by then... Aman, David, Girish, Kailas, Manu, Mehul, Sunil and I continued to ride towards south Mumbai, hunting for food… The early birds got some grub at Shivaji Park... but the rest of us had stopped at a petrol pump... and by the time we reached, the place had shut for the night... Finally, after a little more hunting, we landed up at Dadar station (as Mehul pointed out, the stalls there would be open to cater to the crowds from cross-country trains), we found food… and a little more excitement than we had bargained for… but that’s another story altogether… :-)

A little later, at almost 5.00am, the group dispersed, and Aman, David, Kailas and I started off towards Bandra… Aman said bye at Bandra and zoomed off, while we continued towards Linking Road, the start point of Javier’s ride to Uttan...

All in all, a fun ride... :-)

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Comment by Anool J M on April 30, 2010 at 10:08am
me too !!! :)
Comment by Mehul Ved on April 30, 2010 at 9:09am
" and a little more excitement than we had bargained for… " more than just little.
And I had my share of excitement walking through inner roads from currey road to home thanks to a flat tyre.


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