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Tour De India 2013, A forgettable experience...

I was there with my daughter and saw for myself the utter lack of co-ordination between your own team of event managers forget that between the event management team and the police.


The Mumbai Marathon is an event which is at least 20-30 times bigger than this. They too take the same permissions from the same departments, including the sea link. How can they manage flawlessly and these people can't. I have been going for the Marathon for the last 6 years and not even once has there been any such issue…


A VIP convoy of 10 cars was allowed to stop in front of your stage, blocking the race route? Couldn't they have got the same VIP to the stage using an alternate route saving trouble for the cyclists and embarrassment to the VIP?


In the Mumbai Marathon no VIP or VVIP or who so ever, however important that person might be, is allowed to enter the race route after a designated time. They are given alternative routes to reach the main stage and are made to stick to that. Strictly. And all of them do that without a complaint. I have seen it myself.


Even before the convoy, a Renault came and stopped smack in the middle of the track in front of the stage. When people and parents protested an event volunteer who was the co-passenger got out from the front seat and just shrugged his shoulders as if saying "What can I do?" Amazing.


Couldn't they erect another stage for the media so that none of them block the track?


Couldn't they have hired more volunteers to cover the entire track of all the races to guide the cyclists and help when required?


Couldn't they have erected barricades so that the public and media do not step on to the race route.


Some volunteers told those who had rented cycles from you that the cycles were stolen. So who was responsible for the safety of the cycles?


Not a single person was standing at the entry and checking that only those who has the BIBs were entering their respective holding areas. Every Tom, Dick and Harry was allowed to enter. So what did they expect when the cycles were there for the taking…


No details were given to any of us as to when will the race, Champions of Cyclothon in my case, start, what is the starting point, finish point, what is to be done after finishing… nothing. The route maps on the website are a joke with no details. A single line between two points. What does that mean? Is it a straight line race or are you supposed to take a turn and do a full lap?


The pre-event briefing in Goregaon a few days before was a joke with no one being able to answer most of the questions.


The expo for distributing the BIBs and goodie bags was equally a joke. It was supposed to start at 10am and at that time hardly anyone was around except for the labourers erecting the stalls. It finally started only sometime after 11am. Even then, none of the people had any access to the database of registrations with all of us having to explain how we made the payments, which category, etc, etc!!! This actually should have given us an idea of the likely situation on the Race Day.


The anchors had no clue as to how many laps have to be taken for a particular category. The lady anchor announced that children have to do one lap ONLY after most were on the verge of completing their second. In fact she was so clueless that the she did not know that ONLY the specially abled children were to do 1 lap of 2.5km. Rest all children and senior citizens were to do 2 laps to complete 5km. She announced that the winners have already been chosen while most children were on their 2nd lap. So how do we know that the winners were correctly chosen after having completed their actual distance...


That she was clueless is an understatement when she asked the convoy to move only after parents started shouting why the hell was it blocking the track. In fact according to her most of the children had already come in and crossed the line. Its another matter that around 100 children cycled in after her announcement and went on to their second lap.

Thank God that I didn't do the Green Cyclothon for which I had registered and chose to stay with my daughter… God know what would have happened...


In short, next year think 10 times before participating in this event, if the event manager hasn't changed

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