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The Success Of Creating A WhatsApp Group Called CEF To Link All Local Cyclists For Weekend Rides

When I created a WhatsApp group in March 2018 to link all cyclists in and around Kannur, Kerala, and named it Cycle Enthusiasts' Forum or CEF, all that I desired was weekend rides with a group of 5 to 10 people.  But the group grew rapidly with more than 50 members in 3 months.  I created a documentation to outline the rules and purposes of this group.  But, no matter how hard I tried, I could not stop some members from posting non-bicycle related topics.  I was not able to concentrate on my job well and added 3 more admins to help me with managing CEF, which did not make any difference. 

In August, when I came to know of a WA feature which can disable the ability of all members to post anything in the group, I went ahead with that, making CEF serve only as a notice board of cyclists where only news about upcoming events are posted.  Some members left the group, but to my surprise, this group grew again rapidly with members more than 100 now.  I got more than I asked for:  The weekend group rides attracts 30+ cyclists and we have already set a new trend and people are talking about us.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE:  If you live in and around Thalassery-Kannur-Mahe-Kuthuparamba areas and want to join us for a Sunday Morning Rides, then join our WA group CEF.  You will get messages not more than twice a week on an average because they are posted only through admins.  Sunday Morning Rides are fun.  No membership is needed.  All are welcome.

Use this link in your mobile phone to join our WhatsApp group:

Alternatively, you can send a WhatsApp message to these numbers asking them to add to CEF:

7592990665, 9446020602 and they will send you the link or add you to the group.

Welcome to our growing cycling community.

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