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THE GREATEST TELIVISION SHOW ON EARTH ON FRIDAY(18-1-2012) :- Lance Armstrong Confession to Oprah.Winfrey.

The cat is out of the bag. Sad that my hero Lance.Armstrong is officially guilty of cheating to win in a sport.I personally forgive him as a cycling fan and praise him for his luck and faith in surviving "CANCER".Hope the sport of "PROFESSIONAL CYCLING" is cured of the disease of doping although aspirations will always be cast on the cyclists who won before the "LANCE ARMSTRONG ERA". If a "7 Time Tour-De-France" winner could cheat the sports authorities for 7 years then what about the previous winners ? Not even a fool would buy the theory that only the "LANCE ARMSTRONG GENERATION" was guilty of doping in the sport of cycling. I personally feel that like the "Kennedy Assassination", the authorities should have closed the case without convicting Lance.Armstrong and hence saving the sport of cycling from the blemish of having tarnished sports officials.Was Lee Harvey Oswald the only person responsible for killing U.s.A President J.F.Kennedy ? Some answers are best left as questions to preserve the mystique. Apologize for comparing the sport of cycling with one of the World's most infamous assassinations, but, the similarities in infamy can't be ignored.CYCLING is forever tarnished due to the botch-up in the "LANCE ARMSTRONG DOPING AFFAIR"? How did he remain un-detected for so long ? elementary Watson, the case should have closed as "UNSOLVED" rather than "SOLVED"! WHAT IS THE WORLD'S MOST ANTICIPATED NEWS AFTER THE MOON LANDING BY ASTRONAUT NEIL.ARMSTRONG ? THE OPRAY. WINFREY CONFESSIONAL INTERVIEW OF CYCLIST LANCE.ARMSTRONG! Don't miss this telivision interview to be telivised on Friday on "DICOVERY CHANNEL" at 1300hrs and 2100 hrs for Indian telivision viewers.Lance.Armstrong is guaranteed eternal fame in the annals of sports cheating and will definitely overshadow Muhammed.Ali's sport of "BOXING" in making "CYCLING" a house-hold name. Even Muhammed.Ali never ever captivated such hysteria and court litigations as has Lance.Armstrong in cycling.100 years from now will people believe that a cyclist won 7 "Tour De France" races by doping ?THATS THE REASON WRITTEN HISTORY IS IMPORTANR,ESPECIALLY FRAUDS WHICH SEEM UNBELIEVABLE. EXPECT MANNY OFFICIALS OF CYCLING TO ALSO FACE THE "LANCE ARMSTRONG TAPES".Mittoo the poppat , my pet Alexandrine parakeet and India's best "Soothsayer" is wondering if his tapes "THE MITTOO TAPES" are also to be simultaneously broadcast world-wide ? As for me, Lance.Armstrong will remain a "CANCER SURVIVOR HERO" and a "FLAWED SPORTS HERO".EVEN BY DOPING, NO ORDINARY CYCLIST CAN WIN THE TOUR DE FRANCE 7 TIMES . Cycling was and is my passion.

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