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Hello Everyone!

I am Sudeep, from Sec 48 (Vipul World - A Block) Gurgaon, now Gurugram. Thank you, for letting me join the community! I’m truly thrilled to be part of this interesting and active group.

I've been a cycling enthusiast since my school days but all that changed over years and in fact, I have been off cycling since over 24 years..

The menace of corporate life - lack of discipline in matters of food, sleep and exercise was gradually taking its toll on my health.. Had it not been for the random health check up which I underwent around mid Nov 2016, I'd still be weighing hefty 117.5 Kgs, munching away those junk foods and dozing off at late hours sans any serious physical exercise! The tests were an eye opener, rather a wake up call.. I was labelled as a - DIABETIC.. And that's when, my life changed forever. I finally decided to start leading a simple routine life, regular walks started (currently 5KMs per day in less than 1 hour), massive reduction of overall food intake, no sugar apart from adhering to a strict diet control. Thankfully, I am 103.5 Kgs now after having lost 14 Kgs in 4 months.

With the hope that I am not going to give up or be contented with my development so far and thus slow down a bit, kept pondering on how to speed up the progress manifolds. So, one fine day I decided to start cycling - My long lost passion!

On 22nd Mar 2017, walked in to the nearest cycle store and got my hands on a nice looking Raleigh Sport Elite 29".

On 23rd morning, when I rode the bike, the gap of 2 decades simply faded away. It was like retracing my path to an almost forgotten childhood. The cool, early morning spring breeze was simply ecstatic and surprisingly those 6.2 KMs were not tiring at all! On 25th, it was the second ride and when I clocked 14.6 KMs on the golf course extension road, I realised it was very much doable with a little sweat of course ..

My purpose of joining this community is to learn and draw inspiration from all of you experts out there as I intend to join the bandwagon soon.. I know, I've just started and have a long way to go.. Currently cycling even 30-40 Kms looks like a distant dream but trust me, I'll be there soon..

Look forward to joining you guys on those tempting treks once I gather real confidence to cover larger distances, challenging terrains and above all, the required stamina to take me through.

Thanks once again for accepting me as part of the community!

Best wishes to all of you...!



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Comment by Yogeshwar on July 19, 2017 at 11:04am

People need to understand that today's work and live culture is getting us somewhere else. Your wake after getting diabetes has to be a good lesson for many of the young cyclists to continue with their journey of cycling. Kudos on joining the forum. Wish u all the best. :)

Comment by Sudeep Kumar Banerjee on April 11, 2017 at 12:04pm

Thank you Abhishek for the welcoming me to the forum . Really appreciate it.. Hope to connect soon:)

Comment by Abhishek Mukherjee on April 6, 2017 at 11:13am

Welcome to the forum Sudeep. Thanks for sharing your story.


On 23rd morning, when I rode the bike, the gap of 2 decades simply faded away. 


Very well put. I recognize this feeling :). Happy cycling.


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