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Friends, I completed Brevet (200 km category) conducted on 25th Oct 2015 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. I started cycling in August only. Though I could not practice much for around 2 weeks prior to the event. During the Brevet, when around 140 km were done (& 70 km were left), I suddenly started experiencing pain on the outer sides (my left and right sides) of both knees. This pain continued for the rest of the distance. I did not give up despite continued pain and completed the event well before time. I was told that this pain will go in a few days after recovery. I have not cycled much since that event. Now even after one month, whenever I cycle for even 2-3 km, I start feeling same pain. This pain remains for some time after cycling also. Otherwise I feel OK. Before this Brevet, I had once done 100 km on a terrain which had good elevation for around 15-20 km, without any difficulty. But now I am really worried. Can anybody help me?   

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Comment by Sachchidanand Swami on December 29, 2015 at 7:13pm

As I had already suggested you during our last telephonic conversation, please go to a good doctor or preferably an experienced physiotherapist. It will help in detecting cause and reduce sensation of pains. You've put more stress on your knees, without doing prior training. Knee caps and tendons surrounding them might have suffered  enormous compression especially due to incorrect height of saddle/seat. Please stop pedaling in higher gears until pains vanish or subside considerably.

Comment by Anil Uchil on November 25, 2015 at 10:59pm

First, check your seat height. Adjust it to the correct height, so that your knee doesn't over stretch while pedaling.  If you have queries about how to do it, you can call me on 9820636364. 

The other possible reason could be that you might have ridden on high gear ratios in an attempt to increase your speed. Start riding on lower gear ratios, keeping your cadence (pedalling speed /RPM) high.

Feel free to call. 


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