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Its been 15 days that I decided to get on a bike and waste those hard eact fat tissues sorrounding my waist.

I had lot of help from my wife andf kiddo.. She offered me her 20" purple bike too to start with.. I had hard time expl;aining her thast trhe biked won't take my weight os close to a Ton.

Nevertheless the search started and what began as a MTB browsing exercise mafd by Hero, TI and now focussing on the Treks and the Meridas..

I read a lot on the bikeszone and saw experts and enthusiasts and even crazy people looka round the world for their set of wheels.. Crazy I say because I was not aware that bikes can get so expensive and there are people who spend so much time and money to get a bike..

From my past experience I though only cars and motorbikes were a craze...

Nevertheless, these "crazy" but self motivated and superb experts of the human powered machines offer so much help to newbies...

It was a great R&D session for me for the past 2 weeks and I finally shortlisted the foll to be bought from..

1. Trek 3700 (The Most Expensive in my selection at 17,400)
2. B' Twin Rockrider 5.1
3. Merida 5V (Sub 5)
4. Merida 10V (Sub 10)

I hope the search ends today...I have the cash in hand (my wife's permission to say so) and in the next 1 hour or so I will be out on the final round of procurement..

More later once the day ends...

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