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As the new financial year has commenced some of our cyclists enthusiasts would have gotten new jobs and would be considering cycling to their places of work.

        This in my opinion is not a good idea during the summer months as even a 500m ride would make you sweaty and uncomfortable and those of us who are living in Mumbai it is even more difficult as the rainy season will drown all our expectations along with the sweat that would trickle down our faces.

So then imagine yourself arriving at the office at 9.00AM all drenched in smelly and spongy clothes and asking for some rest when somebody demands an explanation. No anti perspirant can help you obviate such a situation and so unless your workplace is situated within 1-2km distance you'd rather use the public transport even though it consumes more travelling time. 

I do agree that the benefits of cycling far outnumber and outweigh its disadvantages but some ethical codes have to be maintained unless all the employees start cycling to work which would transform the transportation industry and the road scene for the better. But such a situation is highly unlikely as the per capita income is increasing, people would prefer to buy luxury cars than luxury bikes (Mercedes).


So please do have some patience as it is a matter of 5-6months after which you can cycle as far you want without any worry of perspiration and heat stroke. I envy those living in the cooler parts of our country especially J&K and HP as they would be enjoying the luxury of cycling down hillocks and climbing terrains all year round without any restrictions except that the roads are too narrow to accomodate a cyclist! 

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Comment by Anool J M on April 8, 2011 at 12:44pm
logic does not compute. I still commute to work everyday by bike. All you need is a shower and change.


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