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"Cycle Delivery Boy" named Pasha on his Trek cycle in Almaty.

   During a travel tour across Almaty city in Kazakhstan  came across Mr Pasha from Russia.Having seen the 2012 Hollywood movie "Premium Rush" and a regular Mumbai cyclist commuter myself was in awe of actually meeting the real McCoy, a authentic cycle "DELIVERY BOY" .Pasha from Russia was slim like most of the Tour de France cyclists seen on T.V and most important he rode a expensive "Fixed Wheel Bike" which akin to a motorcycle is unforgiving if in the hands of a novice . The traffic in Kazakhstan is congested but thankfully cyclists have a special lane all over the city and unlike New York this young 23 year old delivery boy would not have to zick-zack on his Trek across the Kazakhstan roads as shown in that movie based on a New York delivery boy's average day's work .

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