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It has been a while, but feels like just yesterday that I was on Bombay/Mumbai roads. I am presently situated in Delhi. Well, I did do a ride yesterday, and the waning winters of Delhi, and the road edging the green belts of Delhi, it did feel like suburban Bombay. The tall grasses fed by the nullah waters reminded of the post I made long long back on this same blog. I have relived those moments more than once in the days in Delhi.

But only there for the similarities. Riding out here feels - at this time - less nervy than Bombay. The roads are broader and smoother, the terrain is rather flat and not undulating like Bombay, the late night traffic is thin, there are dedicated cycle lanes, and Delhi has rickshaws not Autorickshaws crowding the left-most lane. The cold hits in these winters, especially the mornings. The visibility drops to zero at times, which Bombay has never experienced (Lonawala is close, but for the serious/rich cyclist). From my riding experience, the behavior of the crowd towards the cyclist is more polite in Delhi.

Well, when it comes to a face-off, Delhi has a lot going for it. Bombay has to buck up.

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