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Dear Fellow Riders,

I have recently bought a Giant Roam 2 2016 model and thought to share my experience of using it with you all.  Roam 2 is a hybrid bike from the Roam family of Giant which recently launched the 2016 models in last week of September 2015.  It is an absolute treat to ride and allures you to hop on it and start pedalling. 

This is my first bicycle after a long gap of 15 years and I am glad I made a good decision to purchase and started riding a bicycle.  Giant has not changed the price of the bike and it is same as of the 2015 model.  The price of the bike is INR 49,990.  I purchased couple of necessary accessories such as helmet, side stand, bottle holder, blinkers and a lock.

My primary reason of buying a bicycle is daily commute to work.  The total distance is of 26 kilometres (to and fro) which has mixture of tarmac with lots of pot holes and a patch of around 6 kilometres of stone embedded road.  Thus, I chose a bike which has suspension with lock out to keep my arms at ease and this bike does its job nicely.  Pune being a plateau has a mixture of arduous climbs and nice effortless downhill which means you will enjoy both the facets of climbing and downhill possibly in each ride.

Roam 2 2016 model is available in only one colour and that is slate grey which looks more like bottle green to me.  The frame of the bike is reasonably light which makes it easier to carry around places like on stairs of your building or loading inside your car after quick releasing the wheels off.  However, the front side of the bike is a bit heavier than the rear side.  This is because of the SR Suntour suspension forks which considerably increases the weight of the bike.  The suspension fork comes with lock out which is a blessing.

An upgrade to the drivetrain components of the bike is admirable.  The 2016 model comes with 27 speed Shimano New Acera front and rear derailleurs.  The 3x9 Speed Shimano Altus shifters are lightning fast and impeccable.  Though I had my initial confusion with the usage of appropriate gears at various riding conditions/speeds but you will quickly know your favourite gear combinations once you start riding the bike on a daily basis.

Giant Connect handle bar is good and provides ample of space to house various accessories such as cycle computer, light and horn.  It comes with a handle grip which I believe is a must if you plan to daily commute or go long distance.  The handle bar has a bell which apparently has no use in the rush hour traffic as no one would give a heed to your bells in the deafening traffic noise.  But never mind, bell with the bike is still welcome!

Giant Connect Upright saddle is decent but needs to be heighted properly as according to your height and inseam.  I took my time in getting used to the stiffness of the saddle.  I believe that stiffness is made keeping in mind the correct posture of an individual while riding a bike.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 160 mm rotors are extremely effective and perform well in rainy season.  The brake levers can be pulled using only one finger also.  Though there were two incidents of skidding (not falling) when I was in the rush hour traffic with a good speed and suddenly I had to apply the brakes.  I tend to believe that it happened solely because of the sleekness of the road.  Nevertheless, I remain a bit careful when I am speeding on a downhill road or riding at curves and urge the same to you also.

Readers to note that the tubes and rims come fitted with Presta valve which is different from the commonly used Schrader valves.  Therefore, do not forget to take/buy a Presta Valve adapter from the showroom which will be needed in checking the tyre pressure.  You can also buy these adapters online on Amazon etc. and easily carry it in your coin pocket of your wallet.

The rear quick release of the bike is tricky and can be complicated if you are a beginner like me.  Avoid releasing the rear wheel unless there is no other option left with you.  If you do release then please ensure that you do not press the respective brake lever of the released wheel since it will stick the brake pads together and then the rotor won’t go back inside.  You will then have to seek professional help from the store only who will unstick the pads and fit the wheel back for you.

Well, over all it’s a pleasure riding the Roam 2.  The bike is smooth, light and fast and you would want to ride it more and more.  Ever since I have bought it I hardly use my car or motorcycle to travel.  The components fitted on the bike are premium and gives you sense of satisfaction.  I hope this review was helpful and gave you some insight about the bike.

Happy and safe riding!

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Comment by Aaron Court on October 27, 2015 at 9:29am
Presta valve adapters are available for cheap at most local bicycle shops (for ~10bucks). You just ask the for a "foot-pump valve adapter".
Comment by Anvit Shankar on October 24, 2015 at 9:06am
Hi Adrian, the bike handles sandy/ muddy roads pretty well because of the design of the tires installed. The tires of entire Roam series are made keeping in mind the characteristics needed in an off-road as well as on a simple tarmac road. I have also had a chance to ride on a road with lots of debris and the performance was good (provided you are careful with the application of brakes). However, the tires slips sometimes when I ride on a wet road made of stone which I think is normal with all the two wheeler.
Comment by Adrian Isaac Kyndiah on October 23, 2015 at 7:35pm
Thanks for the review it was helpful but how does it handle on sandy or slippery roads


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