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Vasanth Velusamy

The Den, #7, Sairam layout

Udumalpet- 642126, Tamilnadu, India




Circumbulation of India in bicycle (Trek 6000)


Back to Farming


To bring at least 100 educated innovative people into farming


August 15th 2012 to 01st January 2013



Pollachi-Cochin-Kanyakumari-Rameswaram-Chennai-Visakapattinam-Cuttuck-Kolkata-Varanashi-NewDelhi-Chandigarh-Manali-Leh-Kargil-Srinagar-  Jammu-Amritsar-Bikaner-Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Goa-Mangalore-Calicut-Palghat-Palani


10000 kilometers



1.      Our Vision

To produce and feed people nutritious food in sustainable way and leave no stomachs go hungry.

2.      Our Goal

To make farming, a respectable and profitable venture.

3.      Our Mission        

To bring innovative enterprising quality people into farming

by promotion and interaction.

4.      Present Scenario

The existing farming set-up in our country has become outdated, inefficient, and unviable even leading to farmer suicides due to various factors like

1.Non-availability of quality people                                                                                                                    2.“Only on paper” Government policies

3.Aversion for farming                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           4.Unviable with conventional systems

5.No deep pockets / Higher cost of capital                                                         6.Useless Agri education & research

7.Unorganized fatty supply chain                                                                                                                                        8.No specialization and standardization

9.Poor quality infrastructure                                                                                                                                                                                                 10.Change in land usage pattern.

5.      One of our Solution

Basically today every Indian village needs an innovative enterprising farmer who can be a bridge with the knowledge world outside, who thinks out of the box and leads the village with a crop or process specialization, introduces at least one new technology every season.


 Simply put we need a prime mover in every village and we can call him “Prime Farmer”

6.      Where are these elite people, with high IQ and ability to take the challenge head-on?

  • IIT and IIM that top level grey matter people, who is awaiting a “call”
  • Professionals like Scientists, Doctors, Engineers ,Auditors
  • Successful entrepreneurs, politicians, social workers, sportsmen and artists.


Any highly qualified “alpha” can buy a land and start farming and bring innovation, will not only succeed, but acts as a catalyst in the village to bring in a farming revolution.

7.       Why to become a prime farmer

Food Production that too at primary level is a “no other go” occupation for human beings, so Farming was, is and will be there.


India needs to feed 130 crore people at least two times a day, so very huge food requirement. Lifestyle, higher income, urban living will move from basic grain based to next level of food chain, so need increases.


At individual level, any person coming new to the farming, is there only to gain by

Land price appreciation, Wealth creation, healthy nature lifestyle, endless experimental ventures to explore, a place for partying and may be a new hobby.


  1. How to catch them

By creating awareness, by telling successful stories of farmers like me, by promoting interested people, by interacting with progressive farmers, by arousing passion for the farm.


As a first step, why not try the hardest one, like Bharath Parikrama by cycling, where you really meet people at the ground level and also gets an impact in the minds of the people, media also loves stories like this.


  1. Team

Vasanth Velusamy

A Talented Entrepreneur and Agri Management professional with Innovative Business Ideas and Management Skills Over twelve years of versatile management experience Proven ability as an entrepreneur to promote and establish new business Adaptable and versatile – Have managed businesses from farming to cutting edge engineering projects.

Born Athlete and adventurous and have passion for farming, history and reading. Has written short stories, poems? Have an outline for a novel.



  • Worked in various fields from courier boy to business development manager
  • Founded & Managed a highly successful agro venture, doing contract farming of vegetables & marketed under brand name
  • Created 300 acres of cultivable land, state of the art farm equipments, and required labour force for a potato processing unit at Sholaiyur
  • Farming Projects for various Industrialists ranging from 10 acres to 100 acres with variety of crops.
  • Developed 80 acres of coconut trees from scratch, now has 2500 trees
  • Produces Coconut Hybrids D X T and Dwarf seedlings
  • Runs a rabbit farm, country chicken, copra dryer and a poly house


  • Learned more on the street and fields than in the classrooms
  •  Believe to have enough brain to differentiate white, black and grey.
  • By the way finished by BA and MBA from PSG, Coimbatore.


  • ·Married and my wife also a farmer( who really manages our farm)
  • ·Have two cute daughters and a naughty son all in primary school and we all live with our moms.


  1. 1.       Who wants to join hands?


You have a choice join me cycling India or just become a farmer.

Either way you can mail me or call me for details.


And Final words my friend, think about the human history, we were animals, hunter/gatherers for thousands of years and started farming and the surplus from the society created sedentary lifestyle and thinking people, the result is today’s all science, arts and whatever humans have achieved.


Did we had all these posts like Managing director, peon, project leader, section officer, that manager, this supervisor with review meetings and the whole stress just to make money to a live peaceful happy life, before our grandparent’s generation, No, life was simple and most of them were farmers.Can we go back in time, no chance, but can make our life simpler and happy just by becoming a farmer. You can be anybody and you can work anywhere, just think this as an investment or a hoppy, and start


Yes, come and do God’s own business, only here you can produce and in all others you just convert from one to another form.


Come be a Prime Farmer my learned friend.


Vasanth Velusamy,

91 9442627001.

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