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When I was riding on a main road today evening- it had already become dark- a fellow driver on TVS 50 overtook me from my right. He hit my front tyre in the process. I scolded him for doing so, for which the first word he said was ‘cycle’. He said that I had to drive in the extreme left. And it was not the exact reason for his mistake. Irrespective of what vehicle I would have been driving, he would have done this and just because I was riding a cycle, he wanted to blame me for riding a cycle!

        First of all, cycles are the most vulnerable vehicles on the road. Furthermore, such incidents turn my mood off, leading me to concentrate less on my further journey.

        Such an incident has already occurred to me before- the rear tyre of the other vehicle touching my cycle’s front tyre. I had an accident. These people drive as though the rear tyre does not belong to them. Even after the incidents, they do not apologize and make up for their mistake. Instead, they turn upon us itself! They are ruthless, careless and not sympathetic. Even the other people on the road either support them or play neutrally. Today, another fellow on another vehicle asked us to stop worrying and leave as if it was his problem that we were discussing and he was kind enough to permit us to carry on with our work! Even the others do not understand and keep honking from behind. I understand, I am blocking the road but it is my LIFE. They wouldn’t have bothered if anyone was dead. Humanity has died!

        I always follow traffic rules, even if I ride a cycle because I understand that even if it is a small vehicle it is capable hurting anybody very badly. Even if I have to just move right or left on the road, I indicate with my hand which such stupid fellows, as I mentioned, do not do.

         The attitude and mind set of people must change to change the status of cyclists on the road.

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Comment by SOUNDARYA M on March 12, 2014 at 7:01pm
Thanks everyone. I sure will take care. But people's perception too change a lot.
Comment by Forbidden Fruit on March 11, 2014 at 3:56pm

HI, I have been riding regularly during the wee hours, late nights, early morning times, on highways, city roads, etc. I faced the same issue... But then I realised, 1 or 2 out of 1000s of motarists/drivers ill treats you that means there are those 1000s of others who respect you for being a cyclist... So look at the bright side and keep cycling....

I wear the following safety gears:

Knee and Elbow Guards,

Reflective Shirt,

Bright coloured T-shirt/s,

Hand gloves with reflector,

My bike has the following safety components:

Front and Rear Reflectors

Front Extra Bright Torch,

Rear- Red and White Blinkers and Front White Blinker

Added Red and White radium tape to the rims on both sides (advantage of having a disk brake);

Reflectors fixed in the spokes;

All the best.....

Comment by subhash on February 24, 2014 at 6:37pm

 In short, Avoid any mishap to anybody at any cost, and cooly enjoy riding

Comment by Rahul KUMAWAT on February 24, 2014 at 2:43pm

use helmet, it will resolve your issue.

be confident on the handle grip, pedal grip.

dont try unless you are confident : i try to go to center of the NH once in a day (whenever i am riding), i enters into small passage of 2 four wheeler.

worst experience : whenever you enter the passage, if a vehicle occupy the place beside you, you cant go behind and all the three vehicle increases the speed. pedal hard to go ahead or hospital.


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