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On Independence day (Sunday 15-8-2010) i did my own cause for a pollution free environment awareness in Mumbai by cycling from Prabhadevi To Bandra's mount Mary hill and back to "Rang Sharda" theatre to watch the Konkani play,"Koxxt Tarvotteanche(Trials of seafarers). Shockingly, i was denied "Cycle Parking" in the theatre premises by the watchman, although my bike was a brand new "Fomas Racer" and definitely not an eyesore to the sleek motorcycles and cars of the "Parking area". On inquiries the watchmen told me that cycles have never been allowed inside the "Rang Sharda" theatre complex although he ultimately allowed me to park my cycle inbetween the motocycles. I have also faced this same predicament at "Poonam chambers' in Worli where i had to park my cycle outside the commercial office complexes, although i presumed that the reason could be the shabby old looks of the "Hero Hawk"! I have been cycling since decades and happy to note that cycles upwards of a lakh of rupees are being purchased by Mumbai hobby bicyclists post "1992 economic Liberalisation" of the indian economy. Now the only rule remaining is the abolition of "CYCLING PARKING APARTHEID" against cycle users at Mumbai's posh commercial complexes and shopping malls.Independence Day "Cycle Marathons" have no meaning if the humble but extremely sophisticated, pollution free and reliable "Cycle" is banned from "Parking Lots" in Mumbai's glamorous malls and theatres.

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Comment by Anool J M on August 20, 2010 at 5:52pm
hey Mithun, whatever happened to your "Air Gun" :-)
Comment by MITHUN on August 20, 2010 at 3:09pm
same here in kolkata brother.... faced the same problem when I went to a place called "Science City" which is a big science museum ,theatre and fun ride place... the watchmen will allow big cars and motorbikes in but not allow my cycle... had to park it with a panwalla outside fr Rs10.... :-) ... well maybe when next time I come with an Anti-tank missile and a mini-machine gun attached to my cycle will they give respect ???? as they say in Hindi "laathon ke bhoot baaton se nahin mantein"..really disgusting...this double faced reaction to "Cycling for green world"...
Comment by Raj Janagam on August 18, 2010 at 1:37am
Hey Rudolph,
I have some of my friends facing similar issues and are now planning some action for the same.
I've added you, kindly revert. have a plan to discuss with you for the same.
Comment by shammi sethi on August 16, 2010 at 11:16am
This all will change brother takes time -once our numbers grow things will change -we need to keep explaining to people the benefits of riding a cycle,the world has turned around people are understanding the damage being done by polluting vehicles and are moving out of their comfort zones to do something -though the cycle has been a humble vehicle till now but is getting more fashionable and more people are getting health and environment conscious- by doing the action ourselves all the cyclists are inspiring others to join -We will have a better tom tc


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