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Dear Friends, 05/07/09: 12th Sunday Ride

Keep walking start cycling with family & friends.

KBS Foundation’s core team member, technical consultant & strategist Seema Tiwari will be in Mumbai to chart out the Road Map for developing “Dedicated Cycling Lanes” along with the trustees of KBS Foundation. As the days go by we see more & more people taking up to cycling. We get to see many new faces in the neighborhood as well as we read in the print media about many celebrities who have started cycling. Today most Cycle users are those who use it for their daily work & chores.

After shooting off the 11th Sunday Ride mail I got many responses & thought I should share some of the interesting ones with everyone as usual Purnendu’s response was critical, exhaustive & encouraging but as it would be bigger than my mail I decided not to include it but would definitely implement his suggestions during the “Car free Day”.

Today I walked from Tiwari in juhu to DN Nagar because there was so much traffic that I could not stand it. Luckily I had my driver and told him to go home while I walked. till DN Nagar and took an A/C bus and reached home. My driver came after 30 mins.Where are we headed.
Since we cycle I know it would not take more than 1 hour to reach town by cycle from Juhu. It Take more than 2 hours in a car during normal traffic.
I really would like more and more people to see that a car is not the only alternative. I understand many people think only dudhwala's and delivery boys cycle so its not cool to cycle.
This initiatives will make more and more people will see its very cool after all.
This is really really good, if we can have something like this going it would completely change the attitute of people and more and more people will be aware of the enviorement and know that there is an alternative and a healthy one.

Keep up the good work and let us know for any work

Amrish Vora

Would like to introduce Pawan Malhotra, who I met on the Golf course over the weekend. Pawan who lives in Mahalaxmi, is a great cycling enthusiast and may be interested in joining your group. Please include him in your mailing list.

Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.


It was indeeed a pleasure riding with an interesting bunch of cycling enthusiasts this Sunday.The nicest thing for me each time I take out my cycle is discovering that there are enough others who also get a thrill out of just being able to get around on a cycle.The idea of a car free day is something that i'm sure a lot of residents would enjoy so much that we end up having many more of them by popular demand.So let's get started on the first one quickly.Your initiative in this is truly greatly appreciated.
warm regards,

The next event being planned by KBS Foundation is a “Car Free Day” which I had mentioned in my last mail this will be a major event. To manage this successfully KBSF requires lots of inputs along with support & are looking for Sponsors, Volunteers & Donors for various activities to promote & motivate people to cycle as a mode of daily transportation, sport, recreation & environment protection & conservation.

This morning’s ride started at Carter Road as usual, Reesha & I rode to the tracks to reclamation. Since it was her 1st long ride she was huffing & puffing all the way but she made it. Looking at the majestic sea-link gave us some sense of pride and achievement about our city having developed a world class infrastructure, but the lack of planning in executing it made the wait too long, it took 10 long years but it happened. We need to make sure that we have the “Dedicated Cycling Lanes” much sooner. It was sad to see lots of waste thermocol, plastic bags, paper etc floating around near the reclamation water front. KBSF has just embarked on a mission to get the Carter Rd extension waterfront cleaned up so that the sand once again gets deposited with the incoming tide. Got back to Carter Rd & did some HIIT remembered Purnendu, he along with Vikram & others rode to the Gateway Of India & back. I am looking forward to joining them for a long ride soon.

Benefits of Cycling:
Cycling is a zero pollution transportation mode hence it is a clean, green and healthy. By cycling we are reducing the burden of green house gases on planet earth and enhancing the quality of life of our citizens. Cycling also has great health benefits as it is a form of exercise that keeps our body, mind and soul healthy.

Let me tell you that once you restart or start cycling you will love the rides, so buy or borrow, don’t think too much about it. Just start, believe me it’s very safe to ride.

Looking forward to a nice ride with an even larger group & riding in the rains is an entirely exciting riding experience.

I need your promise to forward this mail to all your cycling friends.

Enjoy your Sunday mornings outdoors.

Come join the 'Cycling Brigade' at :

Time & Day: 7.15 am every Sunday,

Venue: Amrit Bldg next to CCD, Carter Rd.

If any of you feel the need to buy a new bike I have done the research for you.

Merida- Matts or Crossway Series
Firefox- Cyclone or Target or Tempest
TI Cycles- Act 105/106/107/108 Max
Hero Cycles-Octane
Atlas Cycles- Stealth100/200/300
Trek-Has entered the Indian Market-No details on the net.

Check their websites. You can choose one from the top 3 brands.

Ranjiv M. Jhangiani,
Your Cycling Companion

Edited by Reesha Jhangiani.

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