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70th recipient. 'Yasin got a brand new WC from us; and I, a brand new lesson.'

70th recipient of help (Wheelchair):  ‘Yasin gained a brand new wheelchair from us, post our meet; and I, a brand new lesson.’



Yasin Mohamed Hamdre. (17)



Yasin is studying in the 10th Std, at ADAPT, Bandra west. Yasmin has CP, cerebral Palsy. He lives in Bandra west.



He has one brother and two sisters, all are educated. His bother has passed his CA (Chartered Accountant) exams and is seeking a job. His mother was very worried about her elder son and hoped he finds a job soon as an accountant etc.


His father suffers from diabetes, and has also suffered a heart attack, was once working in the Gulf, but is currently unemployed since three years.


His mother is a homemaker and along with her brother, and her family, she looks after Yasin’s needs.


Yasin’s sister gives tuitions to children and supplements the family income kitty.



I learnt, from his mother on asking her, that Yasin means ‘The core of the Holy Quran’.

I mention this, because, incidentally, I met three children with CP over the last two months to whom we donated wheelchairs; one was Vikas, the second Vinayak, and the third  Messiah; (We have yet to purchase a wheelchair for Messiah, as his WC needs some special fixtures to hold his neck in place…. and it’s not yet available.), and when I asked their mother’s what is the meaning of the names of their children, I learnt, Vinayak was named after Lord Siddhivinayak, and Messiah was named after Jesus Christ.



I realized, God becomes our sole hope and strength when we are faced with an overwhelming lifelong adversity and challenge. Maybe by giving their special children such names, a parent must be hoping God’s benevolence, power, grace manifest in their special child. At least we hope it does.



This, the wheelchair we donated to Yasin, will be his first. What is very very sad is, Yasin could walk since childhood, but only a few months ago he stopped walking.


It happened when he was operated on his lower leg, at a hospital in Bandra, and for some reason, unknown to his family, Yasin cannot walk thereafter, post that surgery! From what I was told by Yasin’s mother, the Doctor who operated on him has no satisfactory answer as to why her son can now no longer walk post the surgery done by him! 


According to this doctor ‘…Yasin’s knees have failed him due to his (Yasin’s) depression’.  (!!!)



Yasin is studying Home Science at ADAPT, and likes to bake bread, pau, and sweet buns. Computers is his favorite subject, and he wants to do something in that field when he is ready to earn a living.


He likes to go to Carter road and Band Stand to look at the sea. His mother takes him in an autorickshaw. He likes watching movies and his favorite recent film is ‘Jai Ho’, of Salman Khan.



While Yasin was telling me things he likes and dislikes, his mother began to cry, in silence; discreetly wiping her tears with every sentence he spoke, even though Yasin was not sad speaking about his life. He was in fact often smiling while telling me about things he likes to do, even things that must be most challenging to him!


“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses!” said Abraham Lincoln. It’s like, we rather think of our bicycle as a machine of ‘flight’, rather than a means of cardio or transportation.



Yasin’s mother proudly told me, ‘Yasin keeps all the ‘rozas’ (fasting)  during the month of Ramzaan.’ Wow! I thought.



I asked Yasin, who is his most favorite teacher and student in school?

He replied, ‘All my teachers are nice. All students in my class are very nice too. Everyone is nice.’


His reply silenced me for a moment. I pondered. I could not immediately think of any of my more fortunate and more privileged friends who share such panoramic love for people they like.


Even I myself have more-favorite and less-favorite pals, a kind of innocent hierarchy, amongst people I like and like to hang with! But here was a boy who in his prime youth has lost his ability to walk, has CP, has a speech problem, and so many other daily challenges, yet he shares a sweeping love for all!


Yasin gained a brand new wheelchair from us, post our meet; and I, a brand new lesson. Thank you Yasin.



Thank you to Vinay Datt, Pavitra Soans, and Surabhi Shah, (and an unknown donor from ADAPT), for jointly purchasing a wheelchair.


And thanks to Himanshu Shah's Health Care Equipments, Vile Parle east,  for the good discount on the WC, and for delivering it to us.

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