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3rd September 2008
A mid-week holiday (most people dream about this and the prospect of a long sleep)....but then there are crazy guys like us who get up at 5:30 am to go for a ride!! My wife flatly refused to pack me some breakfast (well she used a few words referring to my ancestory that cannot be published)...and so I gulped down a coffee & a banana and left...

I had got the speedometer from Jo on Sunday...pretty excited about my new toy and kept checking the screen every few mins...well I actually noted down the stats (scroll down).

Started off from my place in Dahisar (E) to Gorai Jetty (7.67 km in 23:41 mins)...took the ferry across and then cycled to the beach (4.85 km in 17:30 mins)...the roads are fine with lush vegetation and an overcast sky. The beach in stark contrast was filthy!!! Not what it used to be when were kids and cycled out here on holidays for a things change...plastic bags and bottles and if you look closely enough, condoms in all it's advertised flavours!!!

In any case, cycled to the end of the beach near the rocks...cycled very slowly as I don't have mud-guards and didn't want salt water & sand all over my front and back...spent a few mins enjoying a cigartte and a lime juice and had a chat with a couple of dogs...and named them Bala and Ernest...just for the heck of it!!

At the entrance to the beach, there is food cart...the aunty has been there since God-knows when...the bhurjee pav still tastes the same as it did 16-17 years ago...well at least some things remain the same

Wsn't in the mood to do the round trip via Uttan and Bhayander back to Dahisar - so went back to Gorai jetty - took the ferry across and went home at a leisurely pace - total cycling distance and time 28.41 km in 1hr 42 min. Once I figure out the readings for Average speed, will get that in too :-)

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Comment by Renny Varghese on September 16, 2008 at 8:32am
Me too!! Me too!! despite the filth.. the beach still looks refreshing enough in your photos :) I am game for any place which has water involved in its scenery :)
Comment by Sherwin Noronha on September 8, 2008 at 8:57am
Hey Amit

We are planning a recce to Vasind on 14th Sept...
Comment by Amit Bhowmik on September 6, 2008 at 4:22pm
ok how about sunday 14th sep?? If we can confirm this, I'll put up a post on this inviting everyone.

Pls confirm soon :)
Comment by Sherwin Noronha on September 6, 2008 at 8:58am
Hey Amit...I am game for a Gorai ride much closer to home than a Khargar one :-)...6th/7th Sept weekend is busy...if any interest from others, we can plan a route 12th/13th or the following weekend...
Comment by Amit Bhowmik on September 5, 2008 at 8:43pm
I enjoyed reading this blog post. Keep em coming! :) Heh, I'd like to join you next time you do a Gorai trip.. ferry crossing and all. I've not explored that side of the city. What say??

If we finalise a date, I'll put up the ride notice on the site so others can tag along.


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