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107th recipient - The petals open to the dawn skies receives the dew.

107th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) : “…. the petals that are willing to keep themselves open to dawn’s skies, will receive the cool dew from them, to sustain themselves through the day’s blazing and unforgiving sun.” Mahadev Prasad Nirmal (58) Dhobi (laundry services) Mahadev is from UP, and in the city he lives in south Mumbai at present. He has a son, around 40, who works and lives at Khar Danda, Khar west, and he is employed with a Dhobi, ironing clothes for a living. Mahadev…


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Looking for a hybrid bike in the range of 12-16k


I am looking for a hybrid bike in the range of 12-16k. My weight is 75 kg. I am going to use it mainly for weekend rides within Pune city or around city like sinhghad or purandhar fort. I am avoiding front suspension as I have heard and experienced that it is not good in entry level bikes. Earlier I had Firefox fusion 2.6. It was heavy and its suspension sucks. I had test rides of below cycles:

Firefox Rapide 21s: It is bit heavy (around 16-17kg). The tyres…


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looking for riders in and around Naraina Vihar

I am looking for riders in and around Naraina Vihar or south west Delhi. If you are from a group which travels to west or southg-west or central Delhi, please inform

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106th recipient - a father is such a being.

106 th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) : “A father is such a being. One, in front of whom, even a giant of a son will submit his worldly-acquired-ego, if any.” Mansaram Raju Nirmal (60) Dhobi (Laundry services) Mansaram is from UP. I met him when he was pushing his bicycle, laden with an Eiffel tower height of clothes, near St. Andrews Church, Bandra west. I stopped to talk to him when I noticed his bike’s STEEL handle had got so corroded, with age and the unforgiving seasons, that…


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105th - You have a value. Assert it.

105th recipient of help ( a wheelchair) :  “Even if you have a shortcoming, you have a value. And dignity. Assert it.” 


‘Tigress’ Akankshah Sonawane. (12) 


Akanksha is a special child.

She lives in Chembur with five sisters and her parents. Her mother works as a house maid, and her father works with the BMC as a street sweeper.


Three months after she was born, her parents noticed Akankshah is not as ‘active’ as children normally are at…


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104th recipient - this is not an accidental universe

104th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) : This is not an accidental universe.

Manoj Kumar Chaurasia (34)

Bhel wala.

Manoj is from Benares, UP. He has been living in Mumbai since 8 to 9 years. He arrived here because he had to earn a livelihood for his family, his father is a farmer and could not sustain his family on their agriculture income. He was in the 8th standard in school when his father could no longer afford to pay his school fees, so, Manoj had to drop out…


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14 Cycling Photo & Painting Exhibition at Manaveeyam Veedhi & Human Chain to declare Manaveeyam Veedhi as a Cultural Coridoor ( MCC ) of 5 Professional Photographers and paintings of Two painters. First experiment of cycling paintings in Madhubani by George Fernandez is the specialty of this exhibition.

Cycling Pictures Exhibition

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102nd recipient - the real disability in life is having a bad attitude towards what you get

102nd recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) :   The only real and tragic disability in life is a bad attitude to your circumstances and to what you suffer.


Sudarshan Yadav (50 plus)


He sells dry grass (hay) to people who feed cows outside temples. He gets paid Rs 10 per bale of grass.


Sudarshan is from UP, and he is absolutely uneducated. Reason being, his parents could not afford to send him or his siblings to school.

His father was a…


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101st recipient of livelihood bicycle

101st  recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) :  It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or makes you miserable or unhappy; it is what you think about what you have. 


Dwarka Prasad. (55)


Milk seller.


Dwarka is from UP.  His father was a milk seller too, and when he grew weak due to illness, to save the family’s only source of livelihood Dwarka took over his father’s profession. Because…


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100th recipient.

100th recipient of help (livelihood bicycle) :  ‘Working at a flour mill is like being the motorcyclist in the Wheel of Death at the circus; both face danger to their lives sooner or later.’


Jahendra Yadav. (34)  


Flour (Aata) maker.


Jahendra is from UP. He works at an Aate ka chakki (flour mill) in Khar west. and is the only employee of the mill and also delivers the produce. 


Jahendra does not own a bicycle, so to…


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Tour of Nilgiris 2014

Since its inception, the tour has gradually grown from a whisper to a loud roar across the south Indian terrain.

Check out what the tour has in store for you

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