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Hi friends, i am new here. i wanted to make my own bicycle. so i need some tips . please friends help me out.

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56th recipient of help - he has no brains but feels pain

56th recipients of help: “His brains do not work, he cannot even express what he feels, but he can feel pain ….”

Vikas Ramdas Kapse (13), and Manisha Ramdas Kapse (16)

Vikas, and his elder sister Manisha, live with their widowed, single, working mother, Shakuntala, in Chembur. Their father died around 7 years ago. Shakuntala, single handedly brings them up ever since!

Vikas and Manisha have CP (Cerebral Palsy) with profound mental retardation! :(

Vikas cannot walk…


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55th recipient of livelihood bicycle - I remember my father would ...

55th recipient of livelihood bicycle:  ‘I remember, when I would eat my meals, my father would share his meal with me, he would put food from his plate into mine. (then, Bimal paused, I realized he has gone further back into his memories, some most fond memory) ….  And, ….’


Bimal Adak. (17)




Bimal has been selling flowers since two years, he assists his elder brother Shyamlal Adak, they sell flowers on the corner of perry…


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when i am riding very fast and combination is 2-4 then while pedaling suddenly it shifts to 5th gear but the shiter shows 4th gear it happens with 5-3 also then it suddenly shifts to 6 and same problem with 5-3 then to 7.please help me about this.and chain grinding sound is also produced.and derailleur is 7 speed.

Added by Jack Benjamin on April 15, 2014 at 1:06pm — 5 Comments

54th recipient of livelihood bicycle

54th recipient of livelihood bicycle: ‘Never; I ride carefully. Because, I have no one in this city who is family, if I meet with an accident, who will care for me!?’


Mohamad Siddiqui (30)


Profession: He is a bread (pau) seller until noon, and in the remaining hours thereafter he works at the canteen at Bandra East Terminus. (Before this, until 2001, he would work on his own agriculture land, and that of others, back in the…


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Dear Friends on,
it has been quite some time that I have done any posts on this network. To  update, my Vintage Ralliegh is no longer with me. It is sold!
But enthusists who are on the look out for Sturmey Archer Hubs and some spares  can contact me.
for happy cycling
Jagadish Chandra

Added by Jagadish Chandra on April 13, 2014 at 10:24pm — 1 Comment

53rd recipient – We know what charity means, we have been doing charity too….’

53rd recipient of livelihood bicycle:     ‘Yes, we know what you mean by charity, and we are willing to be part of your charity too; because, even we have always been doing charity.  My father taught me, if you ever find a coin or note fallen on the street, whatever be the value of that currency you find, never pocket it, give it to someone poor. But before you give it to a poor person you must…’


Name: Sofikul Sheikh. (19 years)


Profession: Coconut seller.…


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52nd recipient of livelihood bicycle

52nd recipient of livelihood bicycle:  ‘…I was the happiest, when we were a joint family.’


Rajendra Kanojia (47 years)


Dhobi (washing and ironing)


Rajendra has been in this profession over 25 years. He was born in a village in UP, near Benares. He arrived in Mumbai to earn a livelihood and had to leave his education in the 7th Std because his father was too poor to educate him any further. He has 5 sisters and one brother.…


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41st recipient of livelihood bicycle

41st recipient of livelihood bicycle: ‘…. I travel around 6 kms daily, just to fetch water for our daily household needs.’

Dharmendra Saroj. (30) 

Profession - Mason. 

The moment he mentioned his name to me, I told him it’s a great name and asked him if he knows Hema Malini; he shyly nodded his head sideways. The thing that struck me about him was he was very…

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42nd recipient of help


42nd recipient of help: What really moves us humans!? And, what is the true value of Rs 450 in these times! 

Read on pals… Because, I was shocked, that this recipient of our help was so hesitant, reluctant, scared, insecure, in receiving help of only Rs 450! 

Name: Khursheed.…

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43rd recipient of livelihood bicycle


43rd recipient of livelihood bicycle: "......she told me to bring a photograph of you after meeting you.... because,....' 

Name : Basant Kumar De. (45)

Profession- Paan (beetle leaf) seller. 

Basant is from Odissa (Orissa), lives in Null Bazar,…

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40th recipient of livelihood bicycle

40th Recipient of livelihood (an adapted-roadster) bicycle.

Name: Rajendra Bhosle. 45. 

(Village, Phalton, Sholapur.) 

Profession: Gardener. Works as one (house keeper cum gardener) at a Guest House at Bhilar Village, Taluka - Mahableshwar.

Bicycle donated: 'Super Express' Made In India. 

In January, when Nicolas offered his personal ‘Super Express’ roadster bicycle to my…


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44th recipient of livelihood bicycle:

44th recipient of livelihood bicycle: “…. Saab I have come to return this bike to you; because, I do not have …’ 

Guddu Yadav (35-36 years old)

Samosa seller. (Samose –wala); Village Benaras, UP.

Guddu looked so weak and frail and was limping when I saw him on the street, I immediately stopped and approached him. I found out he is selling Samosa and Chatni. (A…

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45th recipient of livelihood bicycle

45th recipient of livelihood bicycle: ‘….. Because, I ride very carefully. I am always thinking of my family waiting for me back home.’

Kamlesh Chaurasia – age 34.

Paan (Beatle leaves) leaves seller.

Kamlesh is from Allahabad, UP, and he has been selling paan leaves to retail outlets since nearly 15 to 20 years. He was brought up by his grandmother mostly. He…

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46th recipient of livelihood bicycle

46th recipient of livelihood bicycle: ‘I am in this profession because it is only farming that I know best; it is only plants and trees that I know best; and I like to create and see greenery.’

Salikram. (45 years old)

Profession – Gardener. (Malee)

Salikram is from UP; he is a gardener since 8 to 10 years. Before this, he was a farmer and even a farm…

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47th recipient of livelihood bicycle

47th recipient of livelihood bicycle: ….. ‘The happiest moment of my life was when my two daughters were born… and, when they….’ 

Name: Murugan. (40) 

Profession; Milk man (by morning, and rest of the day works as a Peon with a Cable TV network Franchise in Vikhroli) 

Murugan is from Tamil Nadu, and the first time he came to Mumbai was in 1992. He is in the milk profession since 20 years.…


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48th recipient of livelihood bicycle

48th recipient of livelihood bicycle: ‘….As an employee my salary would have had a limit; however, as an independent professional sky is the limit! So I decided to switch…. ’

Name: Surendra Varma (25)

Profession: Electrician.

Surendra is from Kanpur, and migrated to Mumbai nearly two years ago. He even needed money to get his sister married, so he came here to earn a livelihood as an…


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49th recipient of livelihood bicycle

49th recipient of livelihood bicycle : ‘I rather you ride a bicycle and earn your own livelihood, however difficult or dangerous it may seem to you now that I too have had an accident. I do not want my children to be someone who have to salute their superior/s and are dependent on them for their livelihood and income. I want you to be a master of your own fate; and not a servant or slaves to anyone!’

Name: Shabbir Ahmed. (22)

Profession: Egg seller.

Shabbir’s father was…


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50th recipient of donated livelihood bicycle

50th recipient of livelihood bicycle: ‘…. often I happen to randomly meet my ex-students, while I am cycling or walking on the streets or at a Masjid, they stop to inquire how I am and they wish me well, I like that they remember me even though they now grown up and some are even adults and married with children.’

Maulana Abdul Hanan.

Profession: Maulana/Teacher of the Holy Quran.

Abdul is both and brought up in Kolkatta, and now lives at Nallasopara. He arrived in…


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