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where can i get single speed fixed sprockets ??

im planning to convert btwin my bike to fixie ..

any suggestions ??

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Bad idea.
You'll have to convert the hub if you want something good.
The lock-ring in a fixie is absent in MyBike (can't be added too).
In a fixie, the lock ring/nut screws on to the interior of the hub, anticlock wise, to prevent the (screwed on) sprocket from unscrewing.
To say,
if you happen to screw on a fixed sprocket on to your bike, upon adding any backward pressure, it will unscrew because you can't add the required lock ring/nut.

thank yu for reply... 

'single speed fixed sprockets' ??  Are you referring to fixie hubs?  The fixed hubs are 120mm and the MTB/ROAD usually are 135mm spacing.    What is your bikes rear stay spacing?

--regards, Praveen



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