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Where can I buy a Floor Pump (with gauge) for road bike tyres?

Anyone know of a shop which stocks floor pumps for road bike Tyres in Mumbai? Must support Presta valves and also have a Pressure Gauge.

Do let me know if anyone uses a similar product and where I may get one in Mumbai.


- Amit

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I bought 1 from local market for some 90 buck it was crap, Fire fox Nerul has one I believe it must be a lot better.
I got one from FF Nerul (@Jaydeep) and its good. Works for both - Presta as well as Schrader valves. Big Gauge. Dial ring with big red arrow mark to point at desired pressure.
hey amit
we are workin on it...will keep you posted
Giyo floor pump is available at firefox/hypercity has a gauge and presta valve but doesnt really inspire confidence.
Air keeps leaking after ~70psi but atleast it somehow managers to get the pressure close to 100psi with some huffing-puffing
More choices available would be welcome...
I bought a floor pump from a street vendor at CST. Asking price was RS160. I brought it down to 140. I believe if you are good bargaining you can bring it down to RS. 90.
2 days before my friend visited Nerul FF there Jaydeep said they never sale floor pump!
If yiu havnt already got one, we will be getting some killer new models in floor and hand size with gauge. For any valve.
Thanks Rahul but I recently bought a Zefal Blizzard floor pump.
hi amit,
i purchased one from a cycle shop for about rs 350/- with all the extras, spare o ring and adapter valve for normal cycle tubes. it has a nice big cylinder for pumping the car too. the cycle chop was on hill road Kohinoor cycle shop on hill road.
hey Amit call Faisal He have it wat U looking for.
U can by from a
There u will gat branded



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