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I'm a bicycle enthusiast, innovator, daily commuter, mountain biker, road (long distance) cyclist and bicycling promoter. I would like to know if we could get vintage and classic bicycles in India. Please let me know whom to contact for same. Any authorized dealers?

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Any comments on this from anybody? We can import (costly) Vintage (road) bicycles from Europe and America but I would like to know if we could get vintage and classic bicycles in India.

There are not many vintage bicycles out there, the ones who have it, love it and will not sell it. You will have to think of buying them abroad. When you say vintage which brands are you particularly referring to. Most vintage bikes are either Italian or English., Schwinn is the only american brand that comes to my mind for america.

Vinni, many owners of vintage bikes might want to sell off their bikes for many reasons. In India, there's no company, club, service or website which handle both purchasing and selling of vintage bikes.

Try you luck, i have tried. there are not many people in India who want to sell their vintage cycles. The only place where you might get lucky is if you end up finding a vintage rusting at some kabadiwala or old cycle shops in small towns.
Try this, may help. Most bikes that you would import are going to be partially restored.

Aaron, thanks for sharing link! Many bikes are very good to purchase but importing cost of some of them would given heavy burden on buyer's shoulder.

I cannot think of anything else, except of importing a second hand old/vintage Colnago Master Frame and then rest of the parts.

Good luck, Aaron! I would personally like to suggest you to get whole/assembled vintage bike and not its parts.

The one site that I visit for vintage bikes is  

 I Just visit them from time to time for drools :)

Mechanics, collectors and sellers especially from Europe have vintage bikes in good conditions. Also, import charges would be less (starting from $80 - economic dispatch) in comparison to importing bikes from North and South American subcontinents. eBay is a great option to buy vintage bicycles!


Be careful while dealing on EBay website, before buying any thing do go through the sellers profile and feedback.

hi sachchidanand,

i got one centurion tour bike of 70's,it was used by my father.

if interested let me know.

contact me on 9619040512 or mail me



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