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Trek 7100e or Firefox Road Runner (18 gears) ?


I am fairly new to cycling & want to decide on which bike to go for - Trek 7100 or Firefox Road runner? After doing some preliminary research it seems that hybrids are a good option for Indian roads.

I do about 10Kms every day for exercise for purely exercise purposes + about 50Kms in weekends. I am currently based out of Kolkata.

Please recommend a bike..... Budget can go up to INR 40000/- but the after sales service & availability of spares need to be considered.




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Hi Sachin,

Both Trek and Firefox have a good back up service in India, I suggest that you go in for an MTB but convert the tyres to Hybrid.  Trek 4300 D is an another good option, so is Kona Blast/ Kona Fire Mountain, I am not very sure on the retail of Kona.

BTWIN also have great bikes valued at great prices, Rock Rider 6 series/ 8 series are mind blowing. You can order it online


BTWIN are vetrans in the cycling Industry and are offering great product lines at cost effective price.



You may be riding 10 K today  but as you build on the sport and make friends from the fraternity, the distance and time dedicated to the sport would grow.


Warm Regards,




Hi Vishal,


Thank you for your advise.


I am not sure of the post sale serivce for BTWIN in Kolkata - I need to find out if they have any outlet / dealer here.

The option of replacing the wheels of MTB bikes with that of hybrid is an interesting option. I will explore & research more on it before I finalize on the bike.


Look forward to get expert opinions of others as well.





hai man, i m 2 from kolkata, u where?
Firefox never epuiped with performence parts , trek is great .as u r 4m my city i know what 2 do here so go 4 hardtail instead of hybrid and u can buy a great bicycle GT ,Cdale,mongoose,within 25k .


NIce to know that you are from Kolkata.

I am in Rajarat - Newtown.

So as I understand - the Trek would be a nice option from a post sale & spare parts perspective, though we have other options as well.

Could you advise which places to go to explore for options  (which you mentioned) in Kolkata?

Thanks for reponding to my post.





one thing seriously I have to tell u  that there is very small amount of eastern Riders so,we need you n more other to create our own rider world,there is also a group that's KCC-kolkata cycling Club,but very rear activities/action etc..   plz  see link.....

******TREK,CANNONDALE,GT,MONGOOSE,SCOTT,GIANT,DECATHLON, choice is Gt -which is in worlds top 5 bicycle manufacturer & I think its worlds best bicycle,superb I catching color combination,extraordinary n extreme Truly race oriented hi-fi parts-its more big BRAND than Trek-its may choice--,in India its just launched so,ther some basic hardtail model only launched but a GT 23000/- bike I personally think better than Trek ...we r here to help  Ryder by dealer contacts of any bike etc etc or any query........


reply ur selection???????????????????????????

do you find what will be your best buy???? Mongoose Vs
trek 7100e Vs GT avanlache....INR-23000 Vs 19000 Vs 23000

I am looking at Hybrids and taking into account the post sales service, I think I will stop at Trek bikes as a brand.

I need your advise to know if the trek roadbikes (1.2 or 1.5) would last on indian roads?


If you can spend 40K, then go for Trek 7100e; Trek is a reputed brand and also offers limited lifetime warranty on frame, it also comes with quality components which will give you complete peace of mind. Availability of spares shouldn't be an issue, you can order spares through Firefox. With such a decent budget you might as well consider Bianchi Camaleonte II(35K); BIANCHI AERON SPORT(38K); GT
TRAFFIC 2.0(28K). Bianchi bikes are available with (or you can order one through) Track and Trail/ BSA GO. Check out if there is a BSA go/Track and Trail showroom in Kolkata.
Yes, I think u r right in case of 
Bianchi,GT bikes but brother trek7100 which I saw in a website that its
RS-19000/- I m not sure***in case of comparing parts component with above two
hardtail having 4/5 k price difference ,I suggest no to Trek7100.Surely they r incomparable
because they r from other category but Kolkata roads need a Hardtail/Strong mtb
based Hybrid**Aggressive brakes(Disk,V,Canti),quality shox(Min100mm),gearing(Min21sp),1.75 or some bellow tyre with small knobs .There r lots of  Hercules/BSA Zone but I  think they cant available it,n the buyer may need  lots of thing like pedal, hlmt, etc..........So,>>>>Mumbai>>>>>
I would prefer a ghost 4X comp or a mongoose tyax sport.... a mongoose and a montra 2.2 D are very nice for long distance riding as they are very comfortable and fast.. but a trek or ghost they're good for trail riding and they are comfortable but the downside is that they are rather expensive..... I own a mongoose tyax sport , a ghost SE 2
000 and a bianchi kuma 4650 so far the bianchi is nice I'm getting a very good feedback and spare parts are always available.... but you could also get a gt... BTW I'm from meghalaya
road bikes won't last long on Indian roads.... I had one and the rim starts to crack...
road bikes won't last long on Indian roads.... I had one and the rim starts to crack... so I sold it away and that's when I bought the mongoose tyax comp



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