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Sooner or later, rains will start in India with a little knowledge and the appropriate gear, riding through showers can actually be an enjoyable experience.

 Tips for Riding a Bike in the Rain

1. Dress appropriately.

You might want to invest in a lightweight rain jacket. A rain jacket will retain some of your warmth. Be sure to bring a long sleeve jersey and tights in case you do run into a cool rainy day. Avoid wearing anything cotton when it’s raining – cotton holds a lot of water and will not keep you warm. Also, be sure to wear bright colors when it’s raining so other cyclists as well as motorists can see you. Visibility isn’t as good when it’s raining.
2. Light It Up - be seen
Let everyone know you are there. Heavy rain and the glare from auto headlights reduce motorists' vision, so it is a good idea to ride with a bright LED lamp on the seat post and handlebar.
3. Have a clear vision 

In low light, clear or yellow lenses for eye protection are critical. When riding in the rain, normal sunglasses cut out too much light and can make road obstacles hard to see. If you are still having issues seeing, a cycling cap placed under the helmet will shield some of the rain and road spray from hitting your glasses.
4. Chain Lube
Use a heavier chain lube. Go ahead, blob it on that chain—it's better to have a chain that requires cleaning than to have it freeze up with rust. Remember, your lube won't penetrate into the links unless the chain is completely dry when you apply it.
5. Be careful when the roads are wet

Wet roads are slippery. Be especially careful around painted lines and metal manhole covers – these are especially slick when wet. If you have to ride over these objects, go in a straight line and don’t brake. When brakes become wet, stopping time increases a lot. Ride slower in wet weather, and practice braking when first becoming accustomed to it. Pump the brakes gently while going down hills; this will reduce the bicycle's speed slightly and dry the rims a bit.
6. Be (extra) alert

 Drivers stopping distances are worsened, and so is their visibility. This goes for the humble cyclist too, so all in all, everyone should stay awake, and read the road ahead.
7. Watch the Corners
Cornering in the rain can be tricky and dangerous. Shift as much of your weight on the outside pedal as possible. Keep the bike more upright when cornering or when going off the saddle. Lean your body more than the bike. By doing this, you will be able to corner with a reasonable amount of speed, as the body will tend to remain balanced over the bike.
8. Carry your puncture kit

Especially Indian roads are going to be in a bad shape after a few pours and you never know when you might have a flat tier. Caring extra tubes will be a good idea.
9. Get a Rain Bike(Optional)

You don’t want to trash your race bike? The best investment you can have is a dedicated rain bike. When the clouds cut loose, you'll be far happier.
If you don't already have an old bike, shop for something with generous room for fenders in the frame and fork.
10. After riding in the rain

Be sure to wipe down your bike. This is best done when it is still wet as it will clean up more easily. If nothing else, dry off and lube your chain. It will rust overnight and your bike will squeak the next day. Be sure to check your tires. Wet tires pick up sand and grit and glass so be sure they are in good shape after a wet day.

Stuff wadded up newspaper inside your shoes overnight to help dry them out. There’s nothing worse than putting your feet into cold wet shoes first thing in the morning….

Last but not the least – be careful – stay steady – ride safe and Enjoy the rains.



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Good points Miten

Hey Miten those are very good tips including some important basic things those

could be missed otherwise...thanks.

nice write up :)

When posting this write up, I intended to make a small difference for few passionate cyclist who will want to continue riding in the rains and enjoy..I am glad that you guys have taken your time to read through this and found it valuable.

Very have answered quiet a chunk of my queries
Excellent tips to ride in rains. I cant wait to ride in rains this time. with theses safety tips, i believe i would really enjoy the rain ride. Happy riding !!!!
Hope you guys are enjoying the rains!!!

any thing special for gears ? I faced rear gear slip today. I have firefox cyclone with shimano gears.

also there was slight noise on some gears.

if you chain is well lubed , gear problems shall reduce, also lube up the brake wires and shifter wires and the levers/shifters.

Any specific lube we are looking here at? If you can guide us.

Thats a good point to lube your brake/shifter wires

Good points Miten.. Thanks a lot for posting these...



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