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Hey guys..I am going to buy my  first road bike this month.After some searching over the interrnet I found 3 good road bikes under RS 25000 (My Budget) namely-
1) FIREFOX 2200 
3) FOMAS RA 8.1.

   I read some very good reviews of LA URBANO on various cycling forums.Many friends also reccomended the FIREFOX 2200..Coudn't find much about FOMAS RA 8.1 though.Can you guys please help me with the choice? Suggestions regarding any other bikes within the price range are most welcome.Also If anybody wants to sell their used road bikes please contact me.The pics of the above mentioned bikes-

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I think urbano is best among them. Firefox is crap.
How you can say that Firefox is crap, pls. expedite. I am having same bike & enjoying a lot from last 2 yrs. without any issue except puncture problem.

BTW How old is your Urbano. Can you mail me the detailed spec of Urbano so that I can compare with mine Roadpro 2200.
ya urbano looks good but are you sure about firefox??
the Firefox and Fomas are crap....the LA is an excellent buy....most expensive but the best of the three
among of three i dont konw about RA 8.1, but la urbano is much much better than crap firefox, fire fox is very heavy, its maintanance is expensive, its drop bar is not ergonomic like la urbano and ra 8.1, according to me my suggestion is la urbano
thanks guys !!BTW i heard orbea is gonna launch some low cost road bikes in india in the coming months.anybody knows something about that?
I have put up an ad for sale of my SCHWINN FRONTIER SPORT elsewhere on the site. Thought I should let you know just in case you were interested in a MTB .... Regards.

Hello, La urbano i have seen alot. 3 guys from my cycling group got this one, 

Also firefox is just average. Avoid Firefox, go for Trek instead .

Laurbano is tested and is amazing 

La urbano is not usual on stores .

If u from delhi go to yusuf sarai market. supercycle store somthing like that. they got this master peace .

Urbano looks fine among them !!

I would like to inform you that firefox 2200 is out of production now and ra 8.1 is not launched and there is no clue for it in future. You can go for LA URBANO or you can try firefox roadpro street as I have one and i can tell you its best in the price except you get a flat handle but else its really good. But go for LA URBANO if you really want do professional racing otherwise roadpro is better for just fun cycling (even for local racing).



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