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hi all my cyclist frnds out there  please support anna hazare in his movement to bring corruption to a stop...either by a cycle mass or by sendind messages or attending candlight event ............upto but please post ur feedback so that we can have a democrate nation rather than a corrupt one .............its now or newer

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Yes, but keep that cycle at home. And that pseudo-patriotism too and get out of ur houses and do what really counts. Go for that candle-light march/skip that one meal/for a day. But dont wait for a weekend to arrive. A 73 yr old man is doing it for a week.
its really wonderful to see such a response come on lets contribute something to nation by joining candle light mass
What happened to all the big names who got involved in Adarsh Society scam? Nothing much, not even a case filed against them, no jail. One corrupt politician got replaced by a bigger corrupt one.


The "cycle" will keep on going. Corruption is the way of life, not just in India, it's all around the globe. Just that in India it's at it's peak and it affects the mango man in day to day life.


Most modern politicians are too thick skinned to be affected by Gandhigiri.

yes. To remove it all together, we would have to go to the times of Adam n Eve n stop Eve. There is corruption in other countries too. I am fine with the officially "underpaid" neta taking that little extra money. Alrite fine! But atleast give me that output that u are expected to! Why i m sure even a certain modi has his flaws. But hell take that highway to Gujarat and u will know what i mean!

There is corruption in America too, but atleast they have the basics of good roads, and healthcare! Why the hell cant I get those basics that i deserve.

In this 21st century even the people who (ab)use their SC/ST status for academic purposes are just as guilty as those corrupt politicians. We Indians complain about racism, but the fact is we are the biggest racists in our own country.

I agree there isnt much to be expected. Even after the 26/11 protests nothing concrete came of it. The cities scapegoat for the ruling govt. went on to become the union minister. The accused terrorist enjoys a tax-free environment. So yeah, cant get much out of this. But atleast a little fear in those public "servants" for a change and about time too.

Since the theme of this place has been about causes more so often, why not think of one that really counts.  Hell, if you could come out on the streets after a cricket match why not do something for a constructive purpose.

Yes Renny, you are bang right on the money.


I guess the same questions are bothering each and every Indian, but we are just too busy with our own little worlds and/or too fearful to do anything about it.


But than why am I complaining? Ye India hai, yaha sab chalta hai and our politicians know this secret even better ;)

its really wonderful to see such a response come on lets contribute something to nation by joining candle light mass

I think in between there were a few people who were protesting for "None of the above"  option on the electronic voting machine, its this cause that we all should really support as this is the only thing that can put the fear of god in our chor politicians.

I also support Anna's campaign but something has to be done to teach a lesson to our corrupt politicians, right now they know no matter what you feel about any party still at the end of the 5th year one Chor will surely get elected.

Very Right !!! The politician is just taking the advantage of what you are not doing.   It is not the politicians we need to change, but ourselves. Take that little more effort. It is the same everywhere. Be it your  Family / Housing Society / Country.  People are so busy in themselves and the rat race that they have no time for anything else. Why does anyone need to wait till Elections ?  There are ways and means to make them accountable even during the period of 5 years.  But since no one is bothered, they get away with all the crap !!  We expect that since we have elected the person our responsiblity ceases.  Would you do the same thing in your organisation after you appoint a Manager ?  No you would make sure that he delivers.  Since politicians are aware that no one is asking questions they have a free hand and do whatever they want.  It is our Attitude that needs a change, more responsible actions and questions  are need from our end, to keep the politician on toes,  so that when the elections come they know they have to deliver or DIE a electoral death !
So Rajeev you believe that he was promoting cyclothon and not spamming?  I agree that this is not the most appropriate forum to such causes but i believe that the person who posted this may be was looking forward to a cycling event to support Anna (that's my guess)

First we go "iss desh ka kuch nahin hoga". Then when kuch ho raha hai, we're still complaining.

Dear Cynic,

My words were specifically for the 20 yr old who posted this discussion. You may continue with the aforementioned line and lose some weight in the process.

You hardly know me, so "dont assume" about what i know and dont know just coz i dont pen it down here. Will do wonders for you with those street dogs as well.




Corruption is not going to end. the politicians, cops, bureaucrats and others in powers will see to it that somehow or the other the bills is not passed or delayed or they will still find loopholes. Nothing is and has come out of  corruption charges filed against the our chor netas / politicians / cops / bureaucrats and never will. eg. Suresh Kalmadi, Rajas, Chautalas, etc.

how come the hypocrites, idiots Thackeray's both udhav and raj are silent??? now we have one more pest his son. it is now that the law enforcement agency should curb his activities and nip them in bud or he will be a nuisance like the others. how come they do not utter a single word against the bomb blasts accused languishing in the jail?? FEAR man FEAR. one word and they will be put in place as for the chamchas.. the less said the better. they can only break windows / cars/ of people who will not fight them but they will never raise their voice or indulge in any violent activities against anybody accused of bomb blasts because the might of the full community as well as one call from outside India will do the trick. I know i have digressed from the subject of ANNA HAZARE but these are the people who encourage lawlessness and talk about morality.





again i repeat- this online pseudo-patriotism wont help. get out of ur houses and show it where it really counts. PS- And dont expect someone to be listening or supporting something just because u do. what makes you think Sachin comes on this forum?? :). I agree on ur thackeray posts, but they too cant open their mouths in support as Anna Hazare made it clear its a peoples movement. Besides its not MH election times just yet.

I did not want to get into this discussion, but i chipped in for the kid who posted this. So you wont see any more from me on this. I prefer action over words.


PS- Discuss cycling here. Lets do the rest offline.



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