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Sunday 5th April 2009 RIDE to Yeoor Hills

I have been riding to Thane for some time now. I was wondering if we could have a group ride to Yeoor hills. Renny, your idea taking shape. I was speaking to Kaushik a few days back, and we thought, lets ride from Kandivili to Yeoor Hills. We were going to do this ride last Sunday, but I remembered Renny's suggestion of doing this ride on 4th or 5th of April. So, we postponed it.

The ride to Thane and back follows this route: -

Charkop- Poisar- S. V. Road- Borivali flyover connector to Borivali East- Western Express Highway- Dahisar Check Naka- Ghodbunder Road (just before reaching the Vasai Creek)- Thane.

We turn around from some distance after crossing Tikuji Ni Wadi. Distance from Charkop comes to 30 km. If we go on past to Yeoor Hills, distance will be about 15 km (I guess) more. The Yeoor hills, Renny tells me, is quite a climb. Entirely tarmac (which to me, is a relief).

I am going to do this ride on Sunday. If anybody cares to join, welcome.

Kaushik, and Renny, are you in? Anybody else?

For those coming from Borivali and the surroundings,

Meet at: Borivali National Park Gate (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) gate
Meet time: 6:30 AM.
Ride starts: 6:45 AM.
Route: Western Express Highway- past Dahisar Check Naka-regroup at Fountain Hotel- Turn right towards Ghodbunder Road- regroup at Manpada Signal- turn right and head past Hiranandani Meadows to Yeoor Hills.
Reach Yeoor: 7:45 AM.

- Carry a lot of water and carry electral
- Wear full sleeves for protection from the Sun on the return journey
- Of course, wear a helmet
- Oil your bike chain. You will need full support of your bike for the climb
- Double check your brakes.

In case you need to get in touch, my contact no (Prabuddha) is 98 673 14 310.

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Would have loved to join in but no bike ;(.. This is going to be one good ride...Gonna miss it..
Oh Yes,
I am in.. I was wondering I to put this up as part of the Project-Explore Mumbai that Taroon suggested... this way pppl could have a long ride, away from city traffic and also visit my side of town :)

I am in.. Sunday preferred.... I was thinking maybe you could keep National Park gate as start or something.. its a pretty known location... Your call..

I am in anyway.. Will try and come to national park itself if I can..
But ppl the sun comes up soon.. so make sure you have enough liquids with you... The ghodbunder road is a fun stretch to ride on....

Directions to Yeoor Hills off Ghodbunder Road:

That's great Renny. 5th is Sunday, so, that is cool. Saturday has slightly more traffic on the highway, so even I prefer Sunday.

Like Renny said, it is important to start early, like 6:45 to 7 AM from Borivali National Park. By 11 AM its going to get really hot. So, I would like the ride to be off the starting block as early as we can.
the above map is for those coming from the ghodbunder road... in case anyone is coming from mumbai side- meaning via the Eastern Express highway/LBS rd then after entering Thane, you can take a left turn at Cadburys' junction(keep under the flyover for this- You can see a cluster of hoardings with Raymonds company listings) on the highway(inside thane) after the turn keep going straight straight straight all the way. You will reach the same entrance gate for yeoor ( it comes after a super steep climb)

Will keep you in the loop makarand. Whats the status of the night ride btw?

Other ways to identify the gate: morning walkers entering/juice shop opposite side.

LET ME ADD: After reaching the top and in the village till the last bus stop(yeoor) the road till here is tarmac. After this the forest region starts aka offroads. Although after a point its not rideable but there is a river at some distance. Must be dry now.

Here are pics of the river during a winter ride with the thane riders:
Renny... how bad is the yeoor climb? Compare with Tungareshwar ;) I should have enough energy to do that and return to Santacruz in the blazing heat. Damn this weather.

I'd love to join but just a bit concerned about the return journey around 10am - 11am :( I'll keep you posted.

If I do come, I think eastern express would make more sense as I'll have a flat, fast ride to thane. What say? From the map, the yeoor entry point is anyway towards the express highway side rather than the chena lake side so I save that much of extra riding.
The climb is like a 20% trip of Aarey. The steep climb is just a short bit which is why u will have to combine it with your long ride from home to call it an accomplishment... or its just a short exercise climb up a winding 20 storey building.


As for your heading back home concern.. except for the sun nothing else is strenous at all.. Dont worry its not at all bad.. I guess you can take the LBS rd back home to avoid the sun... ( though i do detest LBS for its traffic conditions... but a sunday shouldnt cause too much worry)
By the way, I have been doing the Ghodbunder Road quite regularly, and though it does get pretty hot, if I keep moving fast, the breeze keeps me cool. Its only the stops at traffic signals and at home that feels hot.
Can we do this ride on Saturday???? Cause I would like to get home earlier on Sunday & one of my friends has recently got into cycling, he joined us last sunday & is really keen on riding this sunday too.... A yeoor ride will be really tough. Let me know if U gys are ok for this.
I would prefer sunday.. besides that will have more people joining in...
Renny...when U say 20% of Aarey;

U mean 20% (of effort or intensity of the Newzealand-Guest house climb)Aarey ride???? or the complete climb distance is like the last 20% gradient of Aarey??? (the dead left stretch of the Guest house)????
well the climb distance is 20%. The efforts and intensity are equal to Aarey throughout. I had talked of this somewhere before. Its like this:
Aarey is like up and down all over the whole time spread over a large area. Whereas the yeoor climb is a teeny weeny part of area but with the same intense climb even if for a short time. Which is why if u were living close by and come to ride it is just a short climbing of stairs up 15 floors. But if you really want to enjoy it you must include the long ride through the highways to enjoy to the fullest...and as you and prabuddha already know riding on ghodbunder on a morning is real fun....
I may join u guys .. btw what will be the total riding distance frm Santacruz ??.. is there any off road riding??.. cause am using hero hawk and my longest ride so far is 102 km in 6 hrs .. just wana make sure if I`ll be getting back home in one piece :)



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