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select bike ->hercules ryder neo/Avon astron/ FF TARGET/or your suggestions

hii to all

i am looking for a new bike and the following three have been currently shortlisted by me

hercules ryder neo/Avon astron/ FF TARGET(currently riding hercules ultima DX, height 5'10'')

now following are the points i have come across when i researched on the following bike in the market

hercules ryder neo -> out of stock, many recommend this bike for its price thats 11k

Avon astron-> i found this bike good with front suspensions , aluminium frame and shimano 21 gears but found no reviews on it. price 11k

lastly TARGET-> body work is good but on reading the reviews i found that the bike pedals are giving problem to the users. i dont want to invest 19k in a bike to hear the creeping noise

can you please suggest on any other bike. i stay in Mumbai so mumbaikars plz let me know what you feel regarding the best shops to ppurchase the bike from and where i can get a good deal.

also another problem is the mosoon seaon is near. so do you feel i should wait for it to get over

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Dear Saurav, Look for Firefox Road Runner Pro V, I purchased on 01 June 2014 and till day did a 100km of ride total, not a problem. Do go and cehck/have a test ride of the road runner....

thanks vishal for your valuable input. 

i went this saturday i.e. yesterday to the firefox store, and saw your recommended bike. however it came to my notice that the tires are very slim and for the roads of mumbai which exactly arent smooth would cause slippping. hence i had to go for other bike.

but finally i settled down for rayleigh terrain 30. its a nice bike with steel mainframe 18.5", 21 gears shimano tourney, and front shock absorbers. it runs great at the highest gear and may be today morning touched a speed of 50 kmph on a straight road. :). one can feel the benifit of the gears in the pickup that you get. the gear fron combination is 42 for the largest sprocket and 14 for the smallest in the back wheels. ALL of this came for an heft price tag atleast for me of 17K but its still worth the ride :)

thanks again for the reply. hope we will ride together someday :)

Do post few pics of your bike.Do u hagve a cyclecomputer on ur bike to measure the speed and distance covered???

Dear  saurabh you go to Goregaon west s,v,road opp Ratna Hotel  Filmistan Stop there are 4 Cycle Shops Go & visit you may get your brand I had purchased Hero Thunder Racer Alluminium Bike for Rs  6k in 2008 with 27/1  1/4 Tyre size I had many long tours no problem now I dont think you will get the same.

What's your budget, buddy? For what kind of road conditions you want to ride by most? How much distance you would like to cover routinely with what speed? Not just you but every cyclist should ask these questions and then go for choosing bicycle models.



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