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I bought a cycle some days ago. Raleigh M350X.
When even i apply brakes, there is a screeching sound. Both front and back.

a. I checked the rubber on the brake pads, they seem fine and more over new.
b. The brake pads are not touching the tyre

What else can i do to stop this from happening.
Its very irritating for me and other around me when i apply brakes. I thought it's new and would stop after a few days but no signs of the sounds going away.

Please help.

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Oil the bolts....grease the brake wire...
spank the monkey ....... choke the chiken.........
actually it also helps making your presence felt on the roads :)
I think this happens due to very slight unevenness on the braking surface of the rim. You will notice that on rims that are dotted with tiny even dents, you will hear no braking noise. On rims that are shiny, you may hear the screech.
If you keep braking, the small unevennesses will get filled in with brake rubber, and slowly the sound will reduce, though, over some time.
The reason given by Prabuddha is what even I would have said..Its because even my bike's rear brakes make a loud screeching sound for same reason...Its so loud that couple of time some cyclists had literally stopped and turned to check whats the sound from...But if the brakes are doing the job well just ignore the sound...Anyways people walking on road and rickshaws hardly care for cyclists..Just brake lightly and that screeching sound would ensure they get out of your way most of times ;)...
yes i thought of your cycle when i gave my reply before :)
hey there,
this happens on most of the bikes which have V brakes.
your brakes are squeaking because there might be filth or dust on the pads.
try this it might work.
take off the brake pads,spread a fine sandpaper on the floor. and sand down the contact surface of the pad just a little bit so a fresh layer of rubber appears. put em back on.........
if still the breaks are loud, check the pivot points if the allen bolt is loose.(V brake mounts) also lubricate.
sometimes if the pad is old it becomes hard,and hard pads have the tendency of making knarly sounds.
get em replaced.

GeAR india
I think it could be due to the pads not having proper toe-in, as well as the other reasons suggested. There are a couple of articles in Sheldon Brown's site:

a not-very-technical one


a very technical one.
Hey Guys.. Thanks so much for all your replies..i'll surely try these things.. and see how it works...
hey ive got d same bike... m350x.. but well i don seem 2 hav day problem... it shld go away soon.. or ur brake r a bit 2 tight
Screeching brakes can be fixed quite simply by toe-ing your brakes (making the front of the brake pad a shade closer to the rim than the back). I would not sand new brake pads, usually sanding works for old pads that have grease or dirt caked on it.



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