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Most of time I see (on social networking sites and this website also) people letting know others about upcoming cycling EVENTs only. I hardly see local groups or sub-groups going on routine rides (daily or on weekends) and letting know/asking others about same.

Most of time, I see an enthusiastic individual hitting the road (with brand new bike) on its own - alone. Group cycling seems very rare or at least not much talked/shared about. Routine (group) cycling is very crucial. What should we do to promote routine bicycle rides?

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For starters you could take the lead and form a group. From what i have seen not many have the time or the keenness to ride everyday and hence those who ride most days ( like me) end up riding solo. I have myself not been able to join group weekend rides for various reasons.

The reason will differ on case to case and area to area basis. 

What you have said might be true that many of us don't have enthusiasm to ride regularly and more importantly as a group. Daily super-cycle riders are very rare. On the other hand, bicycling for only getting oneself clicked is rampant these days.



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