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Hey guys, I used to be a road biker (10 years and many kgs ago ;-) ) and wanted to get back to cycling. Started looking around for info and found this gr8 forum.

I have a budget upto 25k and have shortlisted Firefox (am contemplating between 0050 and 2200). Issue is dealer says mudguards are not available for these bikes - even as retrofits. I did have mudguards in my previous road bike so do not think I am getting right info.

Wondering if anyone here can point me in right direction here. Also, any pointer on what sort of discount are available for the Firefox's would be really helpful.

Cheers & happy riding

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Thanks dada. Fire fox claims bike has "Shimano Racing 3300 full gear set with dual controls". I somehow had impression that this includes Shimano hub - however this is not the case. Quality of bike finish is decent - definitely not great. Overall a decent product at this price point. Time will tell how it performs. C ya - soon I hope.....
nice bike! how's it working out for you?
Love the bike. But between hot weather, discovering that getting back is tougher than I thought (sounds better thansaying that I am in much worse shape than I thought :-)) and sheer laziness, I have clocked far lesser miles than i should have..... However am committed to make it part of my routine...



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