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Hey guys, I used to be a road biker (10 years and many kgs ago ;-) ) and wanted to get back to cycling. Started looking around for info and found this gr8 forum.

I have a budget upto 25k and have shortlisted Firefox (am contemplating between 0050 and 2200). Issue is dealer says mudguards are not available for these bikes - even as retrofits. I did have mudguards in my previous road bike so do not think I am getting right info.

Wondering if anyone here can point me in right direction here. Also, any pointer on what sort of discount are available for the Firefox's would be really helpful.

Cheers & happy riding

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Mudguards are not available for the bikes you mentioned as they class them as 'racer' road bikes. Touring bikes may or may not have mudguards too. But you always have an option to attach them atleast on the bikes you mentioned.

I am not sure what kind of riding you want to do, but if the intention is to really put miles on your road bike then 0050 is probably not the right bike. I hate to say this as one my cycling friend owns this bike :-(

One way to survive on low end road bikes on Indian conditions is to keep your bike as simple as possible.

Explore the used market to see if someone has a steel frame lying around :-)
Tks RNair. Can you give some more details about the pains felt by your friend with 0050. My alternate is the 2200. I contemplated LA Urbano, but am wary of bike with Thai lineage. I contacted the company, but they did not answer any queries other than their dealer address. Could not find any other decent bike within my budget.

I used to own a road bike and did some serious biking (30 - 50 kms per day 7 days a week) upto 12 yrs back so I know what I am getting into. Unfortunately my muscles or what is left of them have no idea what they are about to get into ;-).

The intention now is to change my shape (present shape is tending to round ;-) ). I hate exercising and I love cycling. I will take it as it comes, but most likely start off with weekend rides and build up to cycling to office which is about 25 kms from home.

My previous cycling experience tells me that office runs will be difficult to manage without mudguard. Any idea where in Mumbai I can get generic fit mudguards?
Hey Aneev, With a budget of 25k you might want to explore a bit more. You can get in touch with Prabuddha. He is the road bike aficionado here :)

I understand that road bikes are your interest. But with that budget I would also like to suggest you try the MTBs- TREK/Merida( but then again I know how addictive road bikes can get you :)

MUDGUARDS: Mudguards are basically an India specific idea.Which is why most of the foreign bikes come without them. But you can buy them for an extra cost. I think something around 450-600 Rs. But these are mostly for the MTBs for roadbikes...not too sure. But mudguards are handy mostly in the rainy season. I just recently took off the mudguards off my roadbike. I think you can ask the local cycle shops for those steel mudguards(not sure if they retail those alone)

I also have a friend wanting to sell his unused Hero Hawk- 10 speeder. You can try that off for starters ONLY if you are interested. But you need to be 5'6" and above in height.
Thanks Renny for the lead. The fire fox dealers (Malad & Nerul) both tried convincing me to go with MTB. I tried the bikes - but not my cup of tea. I also checked out the Hero Hawk - did not like it much. I used to ride a 10 geared Taiwan manufactured road bike bought in 80s (called GEAR), the experience is very different from Indian cycles. Ideally would like to go in for Trek or Merida - but these are way over my budget...

Hey - just looked up yr profile. Do you have own practise or with a firm? I am on the other side (PM) so have many friends who have done architorture.
Hi aneev. I understand you want a road bike with mudguards. And gears. And you did not like the feel of the Hawk or the MTB's.
the Trek or Merida or LA road bikes do not have provisions for mudguards. Mudguards of course are available. You just need to convince a seller of Indian bikes to give you a set of steel mudguards from a 26" inch wheeled bike like an SLR. The road bikes come with quick release wheels, so fixing these mudguards at the axle may be a problem. The forks and the chain stay may also not provide enough space for the mudguard.
On the other hand, if you like, you can consider the LA Sovereign Navigator which comes with riser bars. Pranav Negandhi rides one and is very happy with it.
You need to be into DIY to handle this smoothly, if its only road bikes that you want. I had mulled over garden hoses cut to size as light weight mudguards :) . Fixed with stiff wires. Let your imagination loose. Where there's will there's a way.
i like the way your mind works, Dada... :)
garden hoses... now why didn't i think of that!! :)
looking forward to meeting you soon... where do you stay/work? perhaps i could stop by if i'm in the area... :)
LOL Anil. Nowadays we have such a lot of stuff available at these Firefox and Merida stores. It was quite different, say 10 or 15 years back. You should speak to my brother Sudipto (does not post too often here). He made an odometer with a regular digital calculator.

I live in Charkop. I work for a company called Neo Sports. We are into television broadcasting- you may have noticed two channels, Neo Cricket and Neo Sports- those are our channels. I handle finance and accounts. You are always welcome to stop by.
Hey guys. Thanks for your inputs & tips. I have decided to jump in and then figure out how much I am hassled without mudguard and what I want to do about it.

Prabu - don't be surprised if you see someone on your door step with hose pipe, hacksaw, etc ;-)
Ha Ha. Add some stiff wire to that.
By the way, which bike are you getting?
I picked up the Road Pro 2200 last evening 8-)
Hey Congrats Aneev. A better photograph is required. Looks like this has brifters and also toe clips. Useful.
Not sure about space for mud guards, though.
Hope to catch up with you on a ride soon.



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