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Ride Alert 11th Jan 09 (Manori, gorai, uttan belt) (7 am)

Hello Bikers,

this time we plan to do Manori - Gorai - Uttan Belt, as per discussed with few others. since the climate is cool
will be fun riding there, with no vehicles around. Trees on both side of roads along with cool breeze.

Earlier images of gorai side

Start point will be Uncles kitchen Restaurant on link road.

please refer to the four way. that will be the starting point.

Be there by 7 am.

This will be fun, boat for other end and also off road ride can be done.


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I'm in Boss
Hey Anoop, count me in too.
i am in too ! but how many r going to join us ? Anoop plz. call me back on 9967553513
Sounds interesting Anoop. I'll drive from Bandra and park at Malad. What is the approx distance / duration of the ride ?
I am interested. How are the roads?
Hey Weren't you suppose to go for the Lonavala ride???

Any way the Roads are pretty good the last time I went there. Ur bike will take it :).
The fuel strike ruined all my plans but now I am leaving at 5.30 pm to Pune to ride to a place called lavasa tomorrow morning!

hey Check the Bianchi Volpe for touring!
Lavasa...thats a nice place. I'd been there once during my school picnic :).

As for a road bike....I'm seeing that a lot of people are getting new Road Bikes I feel getting a second hand Steel Road bike will be the best option for me. Do let me know if come across any I'm interested & if its my size then I'll take it.
P.S- Please make sure your brakes are in good condition. some of the slopes on this stretch need good braking on the downhills..
Also newbies(who arent used to travelling far off) please be sure that you can do this. We dont want you to tire yourself out on the first trip itself and then unfortunately never see you in any future rides. I hope that doesnt happen :)
where do I shall reg my name
Well there is no need to register anywhere for any rides here... just confirm over the forum & with the one who has created the ride plan or any of the riders who are coming for that ride. there are no charges for such rides...unlike what you may have read in 9th Jan Mumbai Mirror about some ride plan which costs Rs. 1000/-. These rides are free...except the cost of what you eat :).

This also came up during the ride....We need to nab these guys & respond to the news papers soon as we come across anything like this in Mumbai.
How did the ride go, guys? No update at all and no photographs?



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