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  Hi Guys, Let me give a short introduction of myself before I commence to give my reviews of this amazing bike...just so that you know where the reviews are coming from.
 Ive been an enthusiastic cyclist ever since I was in school and have owned 4 bikes before the latest Adidas Genius...a BMX, a Hero ranger and a Streetcat all in school...after school I bought a BSA full suspension geared cycle which were all eventually stolen.

  I wanted to get an MTB which has dual suspension, Shimano Gears, Disc Brakes, and something which looked good on the road too. MY budget was 20k.
After researching a week on several cycling websites and stores all around Mumbai with brands as La Soverign, Trek, Canondale, Hero and others I decided to get myself an Adidas Genius, the bike is actually manufactured by Hero Cycles in India, and had all the features I was looking for the price I wanted to spend.The price is Rs. 18,000 in Mumbai, not many stock the bike in Mumbai and I got mine from Metro Cycles In Kalbadevi.

Main Specifications:
Shimano Altus 21 gears, EZ fire Shifters,
Dual suspension, Rear suspension is Kindshock make coilspring type
Full Alloy Frame and Rims.
Promax DSK-400 Disc Brakes front and rear.
Promax seat post height self adustable.
Quick release type Wheels.

After getting the bike from Metro Cycles In Kalbadevi, I decided to pedal my way back to Bandra West where I reside a distance which clocked close to 13kms on the cyclo-computer.
Initially I found the suspension n saddle quite stiff. However both have softened down after a week and now the ride quality is much better than on the first day.

Gear System:
The Genius comes equipped with a 21 speed Shimano gears which work as they are supposed to shifting smoothly through the entire range however there was some slipping on the lower gears which I am sure just needs some fine tuning from the LBS(Local Bicycle Shop).

The Genius come with ''High Performance'' saddles...resting on an alloy Promax seat-post, however I found that initially it left my butt absolutely sore...but  there was no chaffing thankfully. I feel its just a matter of time before I get used to the saddle and it gets 'broken down'.The height of thesaddle can be self adjusted without the need for tools.

UPDATE: The saddle was quite hard initially but after a few weeks, it has ''broken in well'' and feels much much comfortable now.

Wheels And Frame & Tyres
The Genius comes with a full alloy frame and wheel rims which sport extra wide tyres.This makes the Genius pretty light even though the first impression is of a very heavy bike.Both the wheels are quick release type.
The tyres are extra wide super grip mountain tyres...which ofcourse gives them superior grip and they don't skid even when the brakes are forcefully applied thus allowing the rider to stay in control.However its because of this '''super grip'' threading which makes the ride ''slightly less smoother''...If intended to be used mostly on tarmac or paved roads I would suggest getting semi-slick tyres coz they will definately smooth out the ride and make pedaling more efficient. The quick release rims would further simplify the procedure.

The Genius comes equipped with Promax DSK-400 front and rear disc brakes. Initially I was quite skeptical at the performance since the wheels were not locking when I used to apply the brakes, however the bike was still slowing and stopping as expected.The super grip tyres and the brakes work wonderfully well together. I do have a digital speedometer installed and I went down the Pali HIll slope at a speed of 30 kmph and pressed the brake levers fully, the bike stopped as expected without the wheels locking and skidding.What this means is that since the wheels still keep rotating a bit even while braking which means no skidding means better control. I am used to have my wheels skid a bit even sometimes on paved roads while braking with my old cycle, i just have to get used to this now. :-)

Final Thoughts:
Though the initial ride on this bike was stiff, the suspension has settled down now, the gears work as expected. The ride quality now is good however can be even better with semi slick tyres if intended to be used only on tarmac. I  researched all over to buy a good bike with dual suspension gears and disc brakes. I ruled out Fomas due to its tacky 'made for kids' appearance, I checked out La Soverign Spectrum as well which performed very well on the test ride but since it lacked dual suspension and they didnt have the LA Terano I decided to go in for the Genius because it had a brand name behind it as well, which in a way makes it just that more reliable.I had people who  kept recommending me Shwinn and Canondale but unfortunately their similar models were coming at a higher price.I  decided with to go with the Adidas Genius because its got everything I want plus its got kickass looks, during my one hour ride from Kalbadevi to Bandra Pali Naka, I had kids running after the  bike , cars and motorcycles slowing down to have a better look at the bike!!! The Genius truly has a presence on the roads. I would say the Adidas Genius is absolutely Value for money.


Please comment if you found the review usefull or if would like to add anything else. I reside in Bandra West and would fancy joining a group from the same area....can call on 9967889089
 or mail at or add me on facebook :

Happy Cycling!!

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very nice review....
Hei Bro, I watched the you tube video... What an abuse of the forks.... God !! They are damn strong...I am planing go buy it... Do they still manufacture it... Or is it outdated... Nice video Damn it was a real abuse of the forks... Thanks for the rivew. Happy Peddeling!! Cheeres!!

Sree..the AG is "Thee Best"  DS Indian bike without a doubt...ask people who use it(not some ego-centric expert who judge bikes without even riding them).Good for downhilling and free riding...I've enjoyed it thoroughly and so have been others...The front forks are best in its class in its price range and the other hero octanes or other DS bikes cannot be even any of the specs from the forks to the drivetrain to the rock solid frame... Hill Storm aka Saumya Chatterjee has been using and abusing his AG for almost 2 years now... check his link too, he's done some cool mods. Some ignorant people have called it crap...but it rides like a tank(its not as heavy as it looks). The only disadvantage is- the brakes, the disk brakes lose their effectiveness in a years time, I've seen the same pattern in more than 3 AGs, so I believe its got to do with the Promax comps they have used.


I do love the fact that how, even months afterwards, you continue to take personal potshots at me instead of sticking to content.  

I guess you really did get butt-hurt when I criticized the bike and your idiotic statements such as how poorly-grabbing brakes are a good thing.     Enjoy riding Rollerpig.   :)

Btw, where did you take this bike on a downhill/free-ride run?  I'd like to see what you consider to be a DH/FR track.   You are welcome to get your obligatory personal digs at me, my motives, my ego, blahblahblah, but if you can answer this question, that'd be great.


"Too much of knowledge is a bad thing"

With age it is known to induce public displays of arrogance, ego based rantings, and taking potshots at anyone who 'dares' goes against you.This kind of knowledge induced schizophrenia also gives the sufferer a false sense of superiority. Symptoms also include having  garish pseudo-names such as "GUADzilla" and expecting people to be 'fearfull' of them. 

Good I never considered myself an expert and never will and will forever be learning throughout my life. I am just a normal person enjoying my rides. 

Call me a swine(as you did in BZ)..roller pig, idiot or butt-hurt, I am not offended, but I hope you get well soon :)

You know very well that I have never called you a swine, here or anywhere else.   I have never attacked you even once with any kind of ad-hominem insults or extrapolated on your character, personality, or anything other than bike-related content.

I have, however, called the Adidas Genius a pig of a bike:  overweight, clunky and generally, a complete POS.      

We both know that you are aware that I am referring to the bike, but merely choosing to take it personally so that it gives you a made-up reason to attack me personally.    Don't let facts come in the way of assuming personal insults and responding with a vitriol-filled tirade.   So right ahead and continue your cyber-stalking:  I find your fascination with my motives quite amusing.     

However, I see you have failed to answer my question.   So how about it?   You are saying this is a great freeride/downhill bike.   Where have you gone free-riding?    If you are going to talk about how great this bike is at downhill/free-ride runs, please provide more information.

I'll repeat - if you are finished with acting like a victim, maybe you can answer my question, Mr Expert.    Where have you taken this bike free-riding or downhilling, that you make such bold claims?

My Niner EMD9, with a Rockshox Reba fork and XT/X9 drivetrain is singularly incapable of handling downhill or free-ride terrain, so I am amazed and awed that you have found the AG capable of DH/FR rides.   What kind of body armor do you use for that riding, btw?

(And this is the sort of idiotic BS which makes me keep calling you out over and over again.  If you just said "I like the bike, and enjoy riding it", that'd be the end of it.   Instead, you pretend to be an expert and post that idiotic BS such as how sloppy brakes are a feature and not a defect, and now you claim that this bike works for FR/DH types of riding.   Sweet lord.   Whatever I may or may not be, at least I don't give out patently FALSE information to others).


1) YES you have called me a swine, idiot, roller pig among other words, not just on ICN but also on BZ, I take these sportingly,but only upto a limit.

2) When you call a person a swine or a roller-pig, it IS a personal attack, NOT an assumption. I personally don't care about the bikes because I look to upgrade to newer bikes every year.

3)What you call as Cyber-stalking is called "Research", while researching for bikes I came across your blog and found it useful,and had immense respect for you, if you think thats stalking better take it off the net.


a)I NEVER called myself an EXPERT,just a normal person enjoying my rides; YOU ARE.

b)I never called sloppy brakes good, YOU ARE misquoting me again. I mentioned as long as you stop within the expected distance its good enough. 

c)I NEVER called the AG to be GREAT for DH/FR,YOU ARE misquoting me again,  I said its decent.Especially when compared to what other DS bikes are available in Indian Market. Its obvious what a bike for 18k is capable of.

To be honest I haven't had the opportunity to take the AG on steep downhill trails here in India,but I have done it on HTs in Scotland and Perrywale, not the kind of hardcore stuff and speed you see on youtube and what Vinay Menon does here in India, but steep and scary enough to break more than a few bones in the event of a fall(Yes with chest armor at my friend's insistence.). Having done that, the AG is the only Indian bike i'll trust to do something similar on a trail lesser than that. I'll kill myself if  I attempt to do that with a rodeo, octane or recra.

Having answered your question, would you kindly stop misquoting me at every opportunity you get? Also having been honest with you,I know what you are going to do next :)  Personally I'm not bothered whether you call me a swine, roller-pig or any other kind word you choose on either ICN or BZ. I enjoy my rides and have fun with my friends but there is a certain etiquette expected on public forums and it applies to you too.

For starters, I have called several comments by you idiotic, and I have claimed that you don't know what you are talking about, and I have called your bike (not you) a pig of a bike, Rollerpig and other such things.   But I have not called you a swine, and either you don't know how to read or are lying through your teeth.

I have used the phrase "casting pearls before swine" and if you think that means I called you a swine, then you need to brush up on your English.

Here is the thread:

Here's some context, to help you understand the idiom:

Re downhill runs:   single track can also break bones.    Just because you found a trail to be steep and scary enough to break bones doesn't make it "Downhill".    And your wearing an impact suit for that trail doesn't necessarily state anything about that trail - for all I know, it could state something about your trail skills.   I know someone who rides on tarmac in elbow and knee pads - that doesn't make him a trail rider.   

Downhill/free-ride is a specific category of riding and it requires a VERY robust bike, and a lot of skill and experience.   I am a moderately-skilled XC/singletrack rider and I have a pricey MTB that far exceeds my meager skills, and yet there is no way that bike, with   much higher-end parts, is even remotely qualified for DH/FR.

 This type of riding usually involves big hits and big air.   It isn't something you do on a hardtail.   Just because the trail when downhill doesn't make it a Downhill run.   I have been to several MTB parks in Scotland as well, so I know the type of trail you mean.  If you rode it on anything less than 150mm of full suspension, and your bike wasn't bottoming out those 150mm, you were NOT riding a Downhill trail.

Your exact recommendation above:  "Good for downhilling and free riding"

Just b/c you feel that the AG is better than other MTBs bikes in this price category (a point I have stopped arguing with you, incidentally) doesn't mean it is qualified for DH/FR riding.     Even allowing that there are no better bikes doesn't make it suitable for the task.  

That is just shockingly bad advice and can get someone seriously hurt.    

We all know you love your bike.  But for fuck's sake, stop with this idiocy of recommending it for downhill/free-riding before someone listens to your BS and ends up in a hospital.     Seriously, get a grip on yourself and your fanboy love for that bike.   That's all I have to say.

For the rest, I don't care anymore if you think that the AG is the bestest bike in the world.  That argument has been hashed over, and I have no intent of getting into it again with you.

I didn't ride ONLY on my drive train...strictly speaking riders ride on his frame fork rims hubs etc are the most impotent in MTB. I mean if any have XT/XTR/XO etc, great..I have as per budget Shimano-Altus,its cheapest in the series,but doing well as per its level,though better will be a x4,mine have 14-34 7sp with 3crank,I now dint need  precious drive with much gears (Precious Gear most liked by Road racers,XC racers and Pro s),but if it would 11-34 then more good with 2/3 any crank(2X7 11-34 sufficient for me with X4/5 but yes bigger fork,better brakes ,more Robust frame etc I need)...the frame of AG is ment for FR by the manufacturer(** see my link) **BUT i didnt advise to do soo as its very cheap bike...may be you can injured..but SURE for trail/AM biking and smaller drops 4/5 ft...ya thats FR issue and  cheaper components make the bike heavy (cheap+Strong=heavy)but not too heavy as you acting like a ton wt.its 17 kg,may looking huge but ok as entry DS...entry hardtails too have 14kgish weight ,some are 13kg with 100mm but most 120 trail bikes are 14/15 case of DS..13kg ds bikes priced over lakhs or a few lakhs with super components,and 70-80k DS are with enty hydro/mech brake with 120mm entry forks and Deore type drive **weight 15-16 kg...So what is CRAP in AG weight 17kg  at that price with entry components and weight,.its truly strong enough to do most of duties...if any wana do some thing other than XC/competitive riding ,..some jumps,drop,practice then whats wrong with AG,it can do the duties significantly dont compare it ,you can say your bike is only 11/12 kg wt , much you priced buddy;; then think , you feared with a hi end bike to do so,where a mongoose/kone low end FS can do some little runs on high technical trails, fr type,non-hardcore duties ,that's why i choose AG over any entry Harttail....if any have only technical section in mind,hops/hubs/stunts/lill drops then AG is perfect at a low budget...simply .you cant do these with any entry you cant compare a RST 200mm DH fork to fox/Reba 100mm or maybe 120 mm (though fox/reba is too smooth and strong at its 100 mm duties and RST is not a pie to it in smoothness )simply these way you cant compare a entry hardtail to a cheap DS which made for crap it will though stronger than those entry hardtails.

Sorry for No-Helmet......



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