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Please suggest me for selecting my first bike :)

Hello all,

I am new to biking and from past few weeks reading various posts on this forum and visiting many bi-cycle shops.

Usage of bike:
a) I will use the bike for daily commuting of around 25kms back and forth.
b) I will take it for long rides during weekends.
So, basically looking for a decent hybrid bike.

Bicycles test-drived and short listed:
1) Hercules ACT 110s = 7.5K
2) Hercules ACT 110 = 10K
3) Hercules ACT 110 + = 11.5K
4) Shwinn Sporterra = 12.5K

Preferably around 10K

1) Is Shimano altus(Schwinn) better than shimano gears with revo shift (ACT 110s) ?
 Although both are entry level gears.

2) Steel body(110s) will pose any rusting problem ?

3) Distance between handle bar and seat was less in ACT 110s as compared to Shwinn, so will that posture pose any problem ?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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dont always depend on the delaers.dealers thinks for their margin and their benefit.if they no stock of fomas or have less profit in fomas then they will give you wrong infomation about the fomas or any other brand which they want to sale.
whenever any customer want to buy cycle go to companies official website then select your models as per the your choice that fit in your model.then go for it.dont depend on dealers only.they only sale to you only which is more profitable for them.this is more important suggestion anyone who want to buy new cycle in the future.
Very True, yeah will surely check out some Fomas cycles this week and will let you know.

Thanks and Regards,
hi bro hows u plz help me i wanna purchase a bike possible hybrid or road bike but confused regarding puntures plz suggest me budget is 5000 7000 plz help me i can increase my budget but for a good value

Hello devashish,


Punctures are independent of the thickness of tyres. The frequency of punctures increase if the tyres of your bike are low in quality.

I know some of the names of tyres which are good like Kenda, Shwalbe, Bontrager etc. So whenever you see a bike look for the tyres too.



Hercules ACT110s-7.5K, its decent bike

Schwinn Sporterra-12.5K, its value for money bike(if its possible to extend your budget this much, when i drove this bike, i didn't like any other bike, but budget is a constraint for me, so i am not going for it)


For MTB:-

Raleigh rs100- around 6.5K(by default it comes with Raleigh gears, but i would recommend to get it changed with shimano gears)


For Road bikes:-

Fomas road king delux-around 7-8K


Thanks and Regards,


Thanks friends

This information will help me to select my First Bike.

What is ur view on Hero Octane Recra which also comes in this budget?

can any1 tell me wer is firefox road runner 21 speed available...??!!
can any1 tell me wer is firefox road runner 21 speed available...??!!

Hi Manish,

I am also planning to get my first bike in the same budget you had, by now you must be very experienced in bikes. Could you please suggest my any good hybrid bike. Thanks  

for 25 kms, back and forth, geared bike is not all that must. gears come in to play for longer, specific trails.

why go for all the frills and maintenance of a entry level geared bike.

my suggestion would be to go for a single speed hybrid bike from Hercules range (5k) and add 5 k towards adding quality components to it.

here is, to the best of my understanding how you should go...

1. select a light and good frame which you are comfortable with.

2. add good quality tyres and wheels to it.(check if they can upgrade it for you.

3. go for single speed option and not geared.

4. select a good saddle (seat)

i think, this way you will get a a decent ride. as wheels, tyres, hubs make for most comfortable ride.

Hi Guys,

I need you serious help in selecting a prefernces are as belwo

1. My height is 6'4'' so i need a cycle which is suitable for my height and looks good on me also

2. Budget : Less than 15000

3. I will be using it on roads but i prefer an MTB becaus eof the looks

4. Gears: Hardly matters as I will be using it for cycling for around 5-7 kms daily in the morning


Thanks to all the replies in advance, i want to close this by tomorrow and start cycling from Monday morning.....




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