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i am a newbie and completely cluless about the brand and make of cycle.

heres my requirement, i want buy a bicycle for general use. maybe 30-50 km rides on weekends and i am interested in the very thin long bikes, not the mountain bikes. my budget is around 5k rs. give or take a thousand. an entry level would do. please guide.

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you can try hero: hawk nu age or bsa mach (both are kind of same)

Please go through various internet articles on Bike Shaped Objects (BSO)and how they differ from real bikes and why they should be avoided. BSA cycles are BSOs. Their quality is cheap and there is no customer support. The customer support personnel appear to have problems reading and writing in English so they receive mails but do not respond to them. Their customer support helpline keeps playing a recorded message that they will call back later but that never happens. Even their Bandra-Kurla Complex office was given a call and they promised to forward my complaint to the customer care in Nasik but still no response. Please do not buy BSOs and suffer later.

Hey all, i have finally decided to act n and get costs arnd 3650 without gear and 4500 with gears...i am buying a non gear 1 tomorrow... thanks a lot all...!!!!:)

wish to buy a cyclometer...ny suggestion??

Hi all,

I bought a Hero Hawk wit gears but could hardly ride it as I was down with dengue just after buying it. I am still recovering. Hope all are doing good.

Do any of you go for rides(<20kms)??I would wish  to join..:)

Hi Prasad,

Congrats on ur new bike purchase, I am also looking for a bike in a similar budget.

Kindly share ur experience with this bike, and the price (along with shop details is welcome) u got it for...

Thanks in advance!

Check out Walk/Cycle/Run/Play on the Greenway!


Check out, and vote for it, so that we can all cycle on the Greenway!!! :)

BSA MAch would be a gud pick !



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