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i am a newbie and completely cluless about the brand and make of cycle.

heres my requirement, i want buy a bicycle for general use. maybe 30-50 km rides on weekends and i am interested in the very thin long bikes, not the mountain bikes. my budget is around 5k rs. give or take a thousand. an entry level would do. please guide.

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fomas road king an entry level bike but beware of repairs as well if u ask for best suggestion invest one time and relish lifetime its ur pick bro keep cycling 

Much appreciated Dev. 'beware of repairs' means might require regular maintenance right?

Go for a BSA Mach or Hero Hawk. Both are nice and tough and with all the add-on equipment removed, they become fairly light too. When it starts raining, you can put the mud-guards back on as start riding again. Later you can invest in an expensive bike from a reputed manufacturer and still retain the Mach / Hawk for visits to the market and running other errands where leaving an expensive bike  unattended is as good as losing it.

ya dude that exactly is my plan....btw i loved bsa mach...i checked out hawk too...can you plz guide me how much difference does it make between a geared and non geared bicycle? i mean obv except it bcms easier on climbing slopes....thanks so much for your time and advice.!:)

bsa mach is an extremely good bike but i have no ideas abt the equipment and gears they say shimano at times on a serious note i am not sure it has single gears and if u want u can get it if ur budget is extremely tight or else bromy advise invest more 5 k get hercules act110 or else roadrunner from firefox they are tested to be good bicycles at that range and less repairs it too depends on how u maintain the bike as well but belive me once u test ride these bikes u will relish just reply me what all is ur requirment and max budget as well so if possible can suggest u bike 

Go for BSA Mach or Hero Hawk... Both have gears... I owns BSA Mach 6 speed. One day I rode this bike for about 150 kms. It was in good conditions.

yaa bro then plz go for bsa mach its in ur budget and do join us for long rides

@Dev- actly i should make sure that my interst can be continued...with my enthu towards and also the time i can allot in long im bit thghtful of makin a big investment into it right now. my plan is buy a entry one and understand my comfort in it and then decide the new bike myself in some time frame. anyway you have been very helpful dude...thanks so much for your help...and ya you can hear from me soon about joining for rides!:)

Thanks Mohan thats really encouraging!:)

how much Mach with gears cost in mumbai? any idea?

Costs Rs. 5300/- according to the website. You can get it for something lower if you bargain. :)

Thanks Adi- just 1 of my ques remains unanswered..rather i feel i din make it clr enuf...i wanted to knw how much difference does it make.. a geared and a non geared...i mean generally...nt specific to any bike...n i mean to ask in terms of the sense who buys a geared and who goes non geared?:)

For regular commuting in the city, it doesn't matter too much. But, if you use the bike for distance travel, gears help you find a sweet spot between candence (rate at which a cyclist is pedalling) and speed which reduces stress on your knees. Gears are very helpful on steep inclines.



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