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Overall feedback and experience about Hercules bicycles?

Hi Friends, I'm an IT professional from Pune but recently shifted to Chennai. In pune, I had bought Hercules Ryders Neo bicycle at price Rs. 12,500. The bike helped to rejuvenate my cycling spirit and motivated me to promote cycling world wide through Facebook updates, images, video clips and blog articles (

In last week only, the bicycle was stolen from outside of my house in Adambakkam, Chennai. Having known benefit of bicycling and adventures done in past continuously storming my head, I cannot stop myself from buying new one. So I'm planning to buy new bicycle and I need you guidance. I saw Hercules Contour in a shop and I was very impressed by it.

My budget is upto 20,000 Rs. only by now. Please let me know which bicycle should I buy for both road and off-road adventures? Would Hercules bicycles be a good option?

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At that budget, I'd suggest you look at GT, Schnell and Btwin models which have better build quality. 

Many thanks Amit for suggestion! Hope I could get (to see) these bicycle models in Chennai.

Hi Mr.Swami, you can look at the Montra bicycle range from TI which makes Hercules bicycle. Montra Rock MTB series and Blues hybrid series are great for off road and city riding. The blues is good for all road terrains and general fitness to ride on a daily basis. The bicycle specification are available on the montra website..

Many thanks Sita for suggestion! I would always Indian Brand if it's of great quality. Montra seems an emerging international bicycle brand.

Montra Hybrid could be a good option, you could even check for Firefox Hybrid bikes, Also you could look for Raleigh or even LA bikes to choose from.

Its  a nice thought to say i would like to buy a Indian company bicycle but the truth is our Indian bicycle manufactures have not really evolved or innovated with time, they are just waking up from their ego slumber.

Many thanks Vinni for suggestion! What you saying might be true that our Indian bicycle manufacturers are just waking up from their ego slumber. However, you should once try Hercules Ryders Neo bike (my previous bicycle). It's a well designed indigenous machine for long ride and moderate off road thrill. Owner of Surendar Cycle Stores (Pune) had helped Hercules to design it.



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