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Hi All, 

Need advice from you all you guys who are into cycling... I m planning to take up cycling primarily for burn extra fats and secondly get done some daily chores which i do right now with my car or bike.. After doing some research i have zeroed down to Suncross Hardrock R2 (Rs 15k) which fits in my budget which btw is between 12k - 15k give and take 1000 rupees here and there...Can you please  let me know whether this is a good bike for my requirement or should i consider some other bike but within the same price range... 

My age is 36 and my height is 5'9" so please suggest me what size should i opt.. 



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go for Hybrid bike 

take a test drive ....feel the difference.....go for which is more comfortable

Thanks Savit, i did check the websites shared by you... i have seen and tested firefox cycle and really loved the montra... but unfortunately its over my budget for the time being... if you can suggest me something in the range of 12k-15k i will really appreciate... also let me know about the suncross cycle...  look forward to hear from you.. Thanks

go for a hybrid

consider ths option

1.act 110

2. neo ryders

3. la soverign back bone


happy cycling

ride safe stay fit

chirag shah


Mr. Naveen,

If you want the bikes within the limit of 15000, then go for some local manufacturers' high-end or international manufacturers' low-end. Usually, for local, prefer Hercules, for international, go for Cannondale, Firefox, Btwin, La Sovereign,etc.. But most of them will exceed your price range. I would like to recommend Firefox Cyclone, Hercules Roadeo. Go for 19.5". Hope this will be useful.

Hi Yogeshwar, 

Thanks for your reply and input... i shall check this brands and cycle... can you please let me know about the cycle i have mentioned... Suncross Hard Rock R2 the configuration seems to be good and in comparison to anyother cycle in the price range... Please check the following link 

Let me know what's your take on it

Hello Naveen,

 As you said, I took a look at the model of Suncross. It's possibly good and can go faster because it's tires are 1.9", which are somewhat narrow for an MTB. Basically, it's good. But for your requirement(burning extra fats), I would like to suggest you to opt for a fixed gear cycle. Because, you know, when there are no extra gears than the fixed one, our legs act to change the gears in our body automatically, which could result in the loss of more fats. It also increases your cycling intelligence and pedalling efficiency. But, that's not that much a big problem. Your take gets along well with your height 5'9", because of its 19.5" frame. And they are alloy too. That cycle is also good, but take a test drive in order to see if it suits you. Thank you. Hope this'll be useful.

Hi Yogeshwar, that's certainly is very helpful.... I m right now in Blore and i checked out Rockrider 5.2 at Decathlon which is very nice.... but only thing is taking it back to Delhi... Once i m back i will check and test ride Suncross, Montra,  la soverign.. 

Hi Naveen,

Suncross looks good. Just check out if it suits well. Also check out Rockrider 5.1 which is less expensive may fit in your extended budget. I personally liked Montra Rock 1.1 and planning to buy it this weekend. You may check montra Rock 1.0 which will fit in your budget. 

Hey Thanks... yeah it looks good need to take test ride before finalizing... will check Montra as well... Rockrider is not available in Delhi...  

Hi Naveen,

Go for test ride without fail as looks may deceive.........

Yesterday I took test ride of Rockrider 5.1 and 5.2 both 2013 models. Both are awesome except the lightness of 5.2, front disk brake, rigid alloy rim etc.... Tried tested and proven models as per online reviews.

Another thing, if you are comfortable with Btwin brand you can check online purchase options with Snapdeal/Playonline/sports365 websites. Only problem with them is they do not provide servicing post delivery as they are online service provider.

Consider the following points, before you buy:

1) Purpose

2) Budget

3) Built of the Bike

4) Comfort

5) Maintenance (Spare parts availability/Post Sale Service)

6) VFM (Value for money/Guilt free purchase)

7) Resale market/price

and last but not the least,

8) Aesthetics

All the best bro.........

Thanks man.. really appreciate your sincere help...



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