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Hi Folks !! I am new to the bicycle world.

I just bought Trek 3700. I have been cycling regularly for about 25 kms average for the last 2 weeks.


However, when I tried doing the Neral - Matheran Stretch, I failed miserably. I reached the top though but I took almost 4 hours for the 8 kms stretch. I had to tag my bicycle along.


The questions:-

1. Do we have people doing this stretch more often? 

2. How difficult it is to do this climb and how to manage such steep climbs?

3. Also, can somebody suggest a good long Ghat/ Climb which would give me enough practice? 


Really looking forward to your replies !!

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Akshay i am very disappointed with your phrase " I failed miserably " ......there is nothing to feel n recognize failure and second thing is its not a competition.  if you are a very new rider then the first two weeks it takes to be familiar with the bike n deal with the bum pain in the new type of saddle. just start with 10 km/day next week make it 20km/day......just do it gradually .....n there is no climb in India you cannot do it .....just put your gears in the lowest position n keep pedaling .....dont think about anythng at tht particular moment ipod may help you too. believe me you can very well climb Khardungla one day ...... :D but keep pedaling n safe rides :D

Hey..thanx for your reply..

By the phrase, I did not mean I was disheartened in any way...It was such a big surprise... and "happy realization". We had thot we would reach Halfway (Jummapatti) riding and then maybe it would be really difficult in the second half.

I thoroughly understand that I am new to the bicycle world and currently underprepared. Thanks for your tips.


I am doing Srinagar - Leh stretch in August and hence was getting a little nervy !!!


Before going for toughest climb around, try practicing on Khopoli Khandala stretch. With practice Matheran climb is mangeable in less than an Hours time on a 3700.


Best Luck,



first of all building stamina is essential. So start by riding to Kashele and back. Then go for kashele round trip via kalamb. Or a return trip to Mhasa. That will build your cycling stamina. Start reducing the time of the trips after say 15 - 20 days. That to slowly. 

Bor ghat(Khopoli - Khandala ghat) is a very difficult ride and it is quite a distance from Neral.

Get familiar with the gear system. Use Lower Gears to Climb. Higher gears to descend.

Try to cycle at about 80 -90rpm at the beginning and slowly build it up. Once you start maintaining the rpm at about 90 in level or slight slopes go in for higher inclines. First count the rpm on level road. Find comfortable level of rpm. Build on it.

Cycling from Neral to Morbe and back will help you in building up your muscles for Matheran. The small ghat is there on the way to Pali Bhutali Dam . Try it several times.  Well good luck for all your rides and Shrinagar-Leh ride you entend to do.

Hey...Thanx for your inputs Satyaprakash.


Just for info, I live in Bandra(w) and I am planning to travel to places like Karjat, Neral, Khopoli and Kasara every weekend via local trains to get some practice for climbing inclines.


As far as the RPMs go, I do face difficulty in maintaining the RPM speed for a long time and yes would definately concentrate on building up that. Thanks a lot !!




kudos to you for the atempt.


While cycling, no failure is a miserable one.


Keep up cycling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And very soon you will put up your travelogue n this site about your ride to Matheran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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