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Need to know more about Firefox bikes .

Hey can anyone please review the below mentioned 2 bikes and help me understand the pros and cons of these bikes in a better way. I am new to cycling and I am looking forward to buying one of these folding bikes.

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Why are you looking for folding Bicycle? Is there any specific reason for it?

I want to be able to carry it easily wherever I go, as traveling is very much unavoidable in my life !

If you want a bike that you can carry anywhere then these are not the bikes as they have a full size 26 x 2 wheel. plus the spec of both the bikes are very average and I'm sure the weight will also be on the higher side. I would recommend if you could then increase your budget and go for a folding bike of Either Tern, Dahon  or Fuji ones as they will be less in weight plus the geometry and wheel base will be compact and good enough to carry anywhere.

can you suggest me some good stores that would be retailing the above mentioned brands in Mumbai?

Firefox is the authorized distributor for Tern Bikes, For Fuji you can Visit Cyclocraft at Prabhadevi, for Dahon you could check with Pankaj Patil ( here on he owns one and could tell you from where to buy.  

ok thanx that's helpful !

Both the Bikes are the same except the metallurgy (one is steel and the other is Al). The best way to transport  a Bike is with a Bike rack on a Car (as would be the case of a non foldable cycle) as its not worth squeezing it in folded condition in either the Boot or within the Car otherwise. The cycles are good otherwise as I own the steel one.

Thanks for the suggestion Sharath !!


If you really want to buy one of these, I suggest you go for the hardtail version, as it has aluminum alloy frame and is lighter in weight. The Firefox Kompac AL folding bike is suitable for the following conditions : (1) Overall flat roads throughout your biking route (2) Mixed terrain of paved roads and countryside (3) Rider height up to 5ft 6in (4) If you want to carry the bike easily in your car boot. (5) If you want to carry it upstairs and park it inside your apartment at times.

Other folding bikes, whatever the make, are only suitable for short city rides on good roads and not fit for countryside roads and rough terrain.

Contrary to what some may say, The Kompac AL is the perfect folding bike available today at that price. Go for it if the above conditions are met. Happy riding.

BTW, I have owned and used the Firefox Kompac AL bike extensively and I have given my verdict based on my own personal experience.

wow thanx Basab that's a good confidence boost up :) !

firefox is nt a gud appeals to the naive as a cool brand for mountain bikes but the fact is that the parts are not as good.....

If u really wanna good brand Go for Trek...i dont think that they have a folding model available in India..but in terms of smoothness of ride , its the best...

@everyone else -  can somebody let me know whether there r charges for taking bikes on local trains...

one is with rear suspension and other is without rear suspension. I will suggest you the first one because rear suspension is never comfortable it is just too much bouncy. but if you can afford the tern Joe C21 then dont go for this bike. that bike is the best among the folding bikes. i have driven it and it is the ultimate folding bikes with lot slim tires. it will give you a hybrid bike experience. but if not tern then compact is also cool but make it sure you buy one without rear suspension. as it never helps. cheers! happy riding!



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