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I'm a bicycle enthusiast, innovator, daily commuter, mountain biker, road (long distance) cyclist and bicycling promoter. After owning couple of bicycles and riding many types of bicycles, I would like to make my own custom bicycle from scratch (not literally!).

I want to create a tough vehicle with qualities of a typical road bicycle. I'm looking for quality components and accessories made by good and renowned manufacturers. Where I could them or order from? Can you please help me out in same?

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But, the thing here is that if you try and source a frame locally, you are only going to get the Roadster/Kala-ghoda/Doodhwala frame, and they by no way offer a comfortable ride.
If you want a high end frame, try sourcing (online) one from Colnago or Surly or Gunnar etc. but are not going to be cheap, but are light.
But about building one, I am almost clueless, I only know that you need a lot of practice just before you start to weld it. You can try and build a lugged frame, it will be partially easier because very less welding is involved, but again, I am clueless.

Thanks for suggestions!



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