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Hay Friends,


Greetings to all. This is my first post in this forum. I am from Bangladesh which is just beside Calcutta. I often visit Calcutta as some of my friends lives there. I am going to buy a Mountain Bike for below purpose:


Purpose of use: To be frank, I will abuse it a lot. I ride bicycle regularly (5-10 km each day) with 20-25 (times)  4-5' (feet) jump on a hard trail. I do some stunt as well.


Budget: 25000 (INR)


Consideration: Trek 4300 Disc, Gary Fisher Marlin/Wahoo 2011, GT avalanche, Cannondale


Where I can find a good bike at Calcutta? Need specific address.


I don't like rear suspension because it costs a lot. Please friends suggest me something durable that will not break!! I am attaching the picture of my current bike which has already got a broken front suspension. Thanks to all for suggestion and recommendation.


Love you all, love this forum!! :D

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u can buy any Trek bike at bentinc street ,citycentre2 at rajarhat,southcity malls in firefox showrooms .u can buy merida bikes too at pts.
Hay Ditch broker thanks a lot man for the address. But which one to buy?? Which one is more durable??
all are good  but TREK are better form point of  Service n Spare parts neer you @kolkata or all India besis. so go for 4300D (golden colour)n lots more.... ready stock at kolkata bentinc street  Firefox Bike station,neer n opp to Dharmotola Pardise Cenema. Trek 4300D is better bcos it having hydrawic disc in advantage, other bike u shortlisted having mechanical cable disc which help u lot in stunt.>>>Call Goutam Shroff   +919831621074
Thanks a ton man!! Though I dont like golden color but considering the durability I will go for it.. Just a question, I have heared that hydraulic disc brake has some issues and mechanical disc is better than hydraulic. Is it true. Please not that I will ride my bike in Bangladesh so I will not be able to avail any service in India. That's why I am looking for a durable bike... Thanks for all your suggestion.. :)
Addition: Also heared about spinner 300 fork problem (popped down) which comes as a stock part with Trek 4300? Any idea??
soo true for that spinner usa not a top class brand,but its a good brand n makes good forks.for disk -hydros r allways fer fer better than mechanicals . its may b a cheapoo hydro though its fer bettar dan mechanicals bcos of oil pressure boost as cars ,motorbikes use oil comp-disc to obtain power brake boost.matt creamy golden color in ready stock,u can order other color.yet looks toooo grooming buty.great gear shifting,especially front shift 222 good.tyres,rims,seat,seatpost,steam looking amezng wid black n white combination.
spinner 300 stock with trek 43D.not 2 good yet not bad.Local china wala fork er theke onek er fork er thekeo valo bcos er sob kichu adjusteble as spring presure ,damper etc.

Hay bro.. Apni to dekhi onek talent!! Good to talk with you..!! I am looking for a good bike jetar fork vangbe na as I love to jump on a really hard surface all the time ;)  I am considering (model with FORK)

1. TREK 4300D (Spinner 300 w/coil spring)

2. Cannondale Trail (RST Gila Pro TNL 100mm)

3. Gary Fisher Marlin 2011(SR Suntour SF11 XCT V3 100mm)

4. Gary Fisher Wahoo (SR Suntour SF11 XCM-PM-HLO 100mm)

5. GT Avalanche 3.0 (Sr Suntour XCM-V3-HLO 100mm)


For the last time. Which one. Apni jeta bolben shetai kinbo..!! Thanks a lot broo... :D

dekho sotti bolte egulo sob e entry level fork,mane valo der modhhe koma,boro racer ra keu e ei sob use kore na.tobe amar ba tomar kache etakei darun mone hobe.karon tumi ja use korcho tar theke kotigun mojbut o.trek ta logically valo karon firefox store theke tumi je kono trek original parts kinte paro jodi tomar trek ba firefox bike thake.onno kau k kono parts bikri kora hobe na,jodi na tar trek suntour ba rst oi spinner er motoi.besi kichu na.pore fox,monitou,marzochhi eder ekta lagio,puro makhon.......motorbike er fork smooth ness er dik theke 50 km dure thakbe.
RST to monehoi taiwan made,oi china der e jat vai.suntour ta tobu pode ache.ami cannondale/GT valobasi.eta kono logical bapar noi .just a sentiment.ami trek er puro ulto dike jai.tobe logicaly trek valo.

Thanks a lot bro.. God.. you know so many things!! (Guru) Ami jibone pro bike kintey parbo kina ke jane.. Fox suspension er price (around $800) to TREK 4300D er thekeo beshi lol.. :D Fork kenar jonno bike bikri kortey hobe haha.. By the way ''Firefox colorado'' (  kamon bike? Dekhe to valoi mone hoy! Apnar kotha shune amar to invest kortei bhoy hocche... TREK 4300 er price almost 30k which is 60k in our country! To me its a huge investment.. Disappoint hobo kina shei voy pacchi..


By the way, where do you live bro??



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