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Hi people, I have bought this new Hero ranger DTB 18 speed cycle to start riding. Haven't ridden a geared bike ever and so succumbed to it. It fitted my budget too. Riding after..perhaps 25 years. But this new bike, is already creating problems. The brakes need adjustment or sticking to the rim, the Shimano gear shifts are poor. Clattering as they shift. Wondering whether I should have bought a no frills single speed cycle to break in. Any advice, including on maintenance?

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Wooo !!! Getting back to cycling after 25 years .... and buying a non practical bike just because of its looks >>>> BIG MISTAKE stay on the forum for some time and you will know what I mean.... the brakes can be upgraded from cantilevers to V-Brakes for better efficiency , Gears need to be set properly , And Why did you buy this bike ????? are you going off roading, or Downhill mountain riding , The double suspension can eat up your pedal power on tarmac .... I don't intend to discourage you in anyway , but you should have done some research or at least tried a few bikes before making hasty decision . Put road specific Tires on the bike if you intend to ride it only on tarmac .... Also try not to put too much pressure on the legs.... increase your riding time gradually .... stay in touch for more advice.

Take Care

Ride Safe

Faisal hi.
After the dust settles on Cyclothon, will you please advice and help me choose a hybrid/road bike? My budget is 10-12 K. I found that Hercules ACT 110 fits the description. But anyway, this time around I want to research a few bikes and consider opinions, before jumping in.

I agree - don't just go for looks. The Bike shops these days know how to put together a bike that is fit for what you need.There is a new shop opened in Mumbai - Firefox I really like their bikes. maybe you can find something there in your budget.
Bhandari, can you give me the contact and direction for that please?
Thanks for your reply. Well..yeah reading all the discussions in the doesn't look encouraging. But what the hell. I will stick with this for some time, at least to get back into riding. I will be cycling around the neighborhood, perhaps once a week to office and maybe at some pleasant locations like Madh Island. Hey, I researched..not on a review on by an user said he was very satisfied with this one. Plus, I must admit, I was sold on the geared bike and the budget. do I go about changing the tires, brakes and set the gears 'properly.' The store I bought it from is no good at doing non-methodical changes.
Do need your advice.
Hi Arindam, its best to do your own maintenance. If you're new to it, head over to youtube, where you'll find zillions of video "How-to's" related to bicycle maintenance. Here's something to start with :
He Anool
Thanks. Yeah I am new to it, so don't know whether even looking at utube will help at this stage. But look I will. All advice helps.
Hey Arindam,

you can get in touch with me on 97697 12311

Take Care

Ride Safe

Thanks Faisal.
Hey Arindam congrats for returning towards cycling after 25 yrs. As per my experience new cycles do have alignment problems, manutacturing faults, duplicate parts through vendors,etc problems. And these cases r found in high end bikes also. It is also the new users wrong way of cycling in some cases that cause probs to bike. What I will suggest is to just take ur bike to a efficient mechanic and solve the issues, also give some time to ur bike to get free( free movements after few months), still find any issue replace the part through vendor.
Also consult any biker from ur area.
Safe Riding.
Kaustubh thanks. I hope I have not been carried away by enthusiasm and started one more of those started-but-never-reached projects. I am reading all you guys' comments, trying not to be afraid and cycling on the lanes around my home. Just trying to get a hang of the gears and cadence.
If u want to solve all your problems or modify your bike contact vinay(9820011804)



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