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Movie - Ladri di biciclette [The Bicycle Thief]

A must watch movie for all bike lovers. The story of Ricci (Antonio), and his son, Bruno, set in post-war Rome, Italy. How the acquisition of a Bicycle springs hope for the family's future, and how it's loss plunges them in to  - the most sorry ending I've seen. Your heart will reach out to these two characters.

For more on this movie, see these links :

NOTE : The wiki article includes the full plot/story. Could spoil your treat if you're planning to watch the movie.

Voted by the Academy Board of Governors (Oscars) as the most outstanding foreign language film released in the United States during
1949, before the foreign films category was even introduced in the Oscars.

Locarno, Bafta, Golden Globe,
New York Film Critics Circle Awards and a slew of other awards.

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Anool it sounds intererting, will see it if we get the CD from smwhere...
I have downloaded this movie; A nice drama portraying Father son relationship; The child actor who plays the Bruno's role in the movie has done apt justice to the character.
u can download from the below torrent link
@Mahesh / Jal : Well, I have the DVD ! How about a movie screening nite sometime, somewhere. Its about 95-10 minutes long. Anyone game for it ?
Arrange for a drive-in for all the bike riders :)
A bunch of sweaty, stinky bikers swatting mosquitoes in the hot, humid night - what fun !!

Hey Anool howz u, if uv got the Cd OR dVd of it pls call me as im anxious to watch this movie...



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