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I am a newbie to this network and am looking forward towards a new cycling chapter in life! I want to cycle for mainly exercising and roaming-about-Bombay reasons. I have zeroed down on these gearless road bikes...

Fomas Road King (Rs 4500)
BSA Mach (Rs 3200)
Hero Hawk (3200)

I am keen on Fomas. Anyone know more on it? Or know prices lower than these?



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these sound about right! cheers to going gearles and going low-end! it's the best way to start!
have fun
Hero Hawk is a better bike... BSA mach r also decent... haven't heard very good reviews abt fomas..
Hi Malay,
I tried a similar stunt a couple of months back and bought a Hero X Sport. 6 speed approx price 3700/- from chembur.
I just picked up a BSA Mach 1 today for 3350 bucks. Hawk was quoted at 3150. Somehow the Hawk was not as free to drive as Mach. So I picked it up. And it is single gear one.

Which one did you go for?
Hey, thanks for the responses guys. I read up and tweeted a bit more and have settled that though Fomas is the fancier option, its spare parts might be expensive/unavailable. Though it's not a huge prob, i think BSA Mach is a safe, cool option. Buying one in a cpl of days.

@ Rahul: Getting it for 3200 at Metro Cycles, Kalbadevi.
I realized that travel cost is higher than the price difference. And I did not bargain also.

So where do you plan to ride it. I am considering Bandra east to carter road.

so how are your bikes holding till date.. same here. thinkin abt a Fomas/ hawk/Mach...



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