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Hi guys,


I am looking for a cycle to buy in Mumbai. I am not a professional or hard core cyclist, so I want a regular cycle, preferably with thick tyres... My budget is aroung 3,000.


I live in the Worli area, and have been looking for cycle shops nearby, but could not find anything appropriate online. If anyone has information about cycle shops nearby, please help me out. I would not mind buying a second hand cycle, if anyone needs to sell one.




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too low a budget.. can you bring it to 7-8 k? contact faisal on 9769712311 or zubair on 9833964439

I agree with Vishal...


Vibhuti... try to up your budget.. coz that will get you good enough starter bike... it is best to consult with Faisal or zubair... if you can visit their shop ... even better.


cheers.. hopefully.. you will become a hardcore cyclist soon enough... :)

My budget is low right now cause I am not sure if I will be able to pursue cycling regularly... It is an old hobby I am trying to pick up again... I am planning to upgrade the cycle once I take it up regularly.


Are you trying to tell me there is no cycle available below 5k in Mumbai?!? :O

not at all Vibhuti... There are I am sure... please check this page to see if you can find a brand with your budget...

hope this helps...



I will check it out... Thanks a lot... :)

Dear Vibhuti,

Pls talk to Faisal or Zubar. You can tell them that I have given the number, they may have some solution to offer.



Ok... I will give them a ring to see what kind of cycles they have... Thanks for your help. :)

Visit Hypercity Mall which is next to In-orbit Malad.

They have their own brand - Maxit. It is as per your budget.

I don't know about the brand. But the brand is per your price points.

I had made the same mistake, on a Raleigh. They sold me a under sized frame and there was no support from them on repairs.  Better to buy a cycle from a dealer who sells and services!!


Hello Guys, I am interested in Buying a Bicycle and need assistance. Are the numbers for Faisal & Zubair still valid? if not, then any other contacts that could help. Any shops to check before making a finalising? I want to try the cycles before Buying.


thankx guys,





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