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Lets Get permission to Ride the Bandra Sea Link before it opens for traffic.

Never would a cyclist be allowed on the Bandra sea Link. This is the only opportunity we can ever have. Lets make a movement and get permission to ride this stretch once before it opens to traffic. It would Promote cycling and I am sure every cyclist would want to ride it.
It would be a Dream.

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while people have put a similar query on the mumbai bikers googlegroup. there are some logical issues that deter such an activity. I will simply copy paste Bertrams reply to the same query. This should put an end to the thought. Even though your enthusiasm is encouraged the above idea isnt a possibility.

Strong Winds.. Thats your answer. To lessen the remorse let me add- NO two wheelers are allowed on the Bandra Worli link. So its not just cyclists.

CP from googlegroup:
I think Ramakrishnan Laxman meant to say that the flyover be open to
cyclists for AN EVENT, ie before the flyover is actually open to for public

Raj and Nimit I think you two got the wrong idea, and I'm sorry for bursting
your bubble here. Cycling lanes on the sealink is impossible to get, because
as far as my knowledge goes, the sealink will only be meant for 4 wheelers
(LMV's). Heavy vehicles, motorcycles and 3 wheelers will be banned from
using the sealink. So how can one even expect to get cycling lanes on the

This could have actually been a good thing, but the problem is that it won't
be safe as there will be strong winds on the sealink, which is not suitable
for any kind of 2 wheeler or similar LIGHT VEHICLE. In order to make this
plan work, the sealink would probably have to be redesigned with wind
barriers of sorts.
Bertram Fonseca
I got the message and yes I know its illogical to even think of two wheelers plying on the sea link rd let alone a cyclist however I do not advocate a cycling lane. All I am saying just open it for a few hours before it opens for traffic ( and yes not during the monsoons ). When people can run marathons on the great golden bridge why cant you cycle for just one windless day. is that much to ask. Its not like you will be flown off the bridge or something (unless ofcourse its the monsoons).
And this is just that 1 event just to promote cycling and to get a feel of mumbai.
Can we atleast walk over the bridge...
We can take precaution that w wont be whiffed off by the wind..
Dude now you are asking for trouble with a capital T..... hehe
faizal u are the dude do something need to ride that bridge......
You know faisal It seems the road is opening on the 24th it seems. It may just remain a dream after all. I hope a son of a politician or a big shot joins us soon, that way this guy can make it happen.



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